You’re a talented therapist. You can soothe pain, end anxiety, heal relationships, break addictions. You can transform lives.

So, why don’t you have the client filled, busy, money making business of your dreams????? What are you doing wrong?

The good news is you’re doing nothing wrong. We learn to be therapists but no one tells us how to actually run a therapy biz. We spend a fortune on marketing that doesn’t work. We don’t know who we are talking to or how to show them that we are the therapist for them. We have no idea how to stop going from client to client, not know if they will actually turn up or what we will be earning next week to running a successful business, with a full diary and even a waiting list plus an income that can replace that corporate one you’ve given up.

No one tells us that being a therapist isn’t enough – we have to be marketing experts, graphic designers, web gurus, technology geeks, accountants, project managers and make the tea!!!

But don’t panic, because that’s where I come in. You bring your awesome talents and I will show you how to do all the other stuff, easily and on a shoe string budget.

Growing your business is easier than you think when you have all the jigsaw pieces in place.

Are you ready to get started?

Sarah, the therapy biz coach Splash

Wondering where to start??? 

Why Listen To Me?

I’m Sarah, the Therapy Biz Coach. I am a therapist and now I coach other therapists to build businesses they love. I’ve been exactly where you are right now and I came out the other side with a business I loved that supported me and my little people. I hate that fact that no one ever shows us how to turn our therapy talents into a business and so that’s what I do now – I show therapists how to shine and stand out in a saturated market.