You could have spent time and money marketing your therapy business but, you’re not getting enough clients, you’re struggling to fill your diary, you’re spending loads of money on your marketing, you feel like you are putting in all the hours but nothing feels like it’s working. What can you do to start making big changes in your therapy biz success? Here are 3 ways to start building a busier therapy biz.

Lovely therapist, I know how pants it can feel when you are spending all your time, effort and often money trying to attract clients and make your therapy business a success. It can be exhausting, demoralising and leave you wondering if you can really make this work, but don’t panic. Let’s look at 3 ways to help you create a busier therapy business.

1. Your message

I know, I know, I write about this ALL the time, but that’s because it’s so important. If you get your message right, everything else in your business becomes easier.

  • WHO are you talking to?
  • How can you connect with HOW they are feeling/thinking?
  • HOW can you show them that you can make things better?
  • Are you being too vague in your message, or too corporate or too general?
  • Are you having a conversation rather than shouting that you can help?
  • Are you using images that will stand out in people’s newsfeed?

Think about it – there are loads of therapists out there and loads of people posting on social media. Your message needs to stand out and connect with people so they want to know more. You can’t do that if you’re posting the same as everyone else or if you are simply telling people you can help. Honestly, transforming your message will transform your business.

2. Telling people you have something to sell

I speak to a lot of therapists who tell me that they’re not making money in their business. My first question is always what have you got that I can buy and when was the last time you talked about it?

Talking about money and buying your services is not a bad thing, in fact it’s vital for the survival of your business but we all struggle with it. You wouldn’t go out for dinner or get your hair cut and expect people to do it for free, so why do we find it so hard to take payments for our life transforming skills!?!

  • Price what you’re worth and not just what you think people will pay.
  • Take deposits so people see that you value your time and you cut down on last minute cancellations and no shows.
  • Offer payment plans so people can spread the cost of their sessions (you can do this through Paypal >> sign up for a FREE business account, go to the buttons option and find the subscription button and set up how much and how many payments and then send the email link to your client to set up the payments. Sorted!).
  • Talk about why investing in you and your therapy skills is life transforming and how clients will feel after they have worked with you.
  • Don’t blind them with protocol names and all your training, instead talk to them about how you can help with their thing.
  • Remember to talk about what you do, how people can work with you, whether you work online or is it just face to face, what a session with you is like, the FAQs people tend to ask >>> all these remind people what you do and that they can work with you, which will help bring money into your business.

3. Give your biz a health check

As therapists we are always focused on getting the next client, which often means that all the business stuff gets ignored, forgotten or worse, never started. However, giving your business a health check and keeping your eye on the business elements can mean the difference between a busy business and a struggling one.

  • Do you accounts monthly. Knowing how healthy your income is is an important part of your business. Income, expenses, invoices, bills – being on top of them will stop you stressing and help you bring more income into your business.
  • Keep an eye on the numbers. Your social media likes, your client inquiries, visitors to your website, income, mailing list numbers….these are important health checks. Are your numbers growing every month or are they staying the same? If they are staying the same then there is a risk that your business isn’t growing, you’re not bringing new people to your business and there is a chance that no one is listening. Maybe it’s time to think about how to start growing those numbers each month.
  • Do you have all your marketing steps in place and working for you? Your website, your social media, blogs, videos, freebies, your mailing list. These are all massively important in bringing clients to your diary so it’s important that you have them in place and watch your numbers to make sure they are doing their job.

Unfortunately, there is no blueprint or magic wand that can help your business but if you put some simple steps in place then you can start to build and grow your business. You don’t need to employ a team or experts or spend a fortune, you just need to have a plan and start doing it in your business today and you’ll see those client numbers increasing and your income skyrocketing.

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