The one thing I hear the most from when I work with therapists is ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ It’s not that they are void of ideas, but they are so intertwined in their business that seeing things clearly becomes hard. Having a fresh pair of eyes on it helps them see things differently, come up with new ideas and make changes. So, I thought it might be worth looking at 5 things that might be keeping clients away from your diary that you might not have thought of.

1. You’re shouting

You try to talk to your who and fill your pool with potential clients who are struggling with that ‘thing’, but when things get quiet we can panic. Surely if we advertise that we can help with more things, we will attract more clients? What if I just add one or two more things to my list of things I can help with….surely if I advertise weight loss and stop smoking alongside my anxiety work I will attract more people and improve my income?

When the diary feels empty it’s easy to start shouting, but it won’t help business. It will actually make finding clients harder because you are diluting your message and you stop being the expert in that ‘thing’ and you become OK at those 2 or 3 things you’ve added into the mix.

So, make sure you’re not shouting. Keep your message clear. Speak to your who about their what, show them how much better they would feel after they have worked with you and trust that those clients are coming your way.

2. You’re using too many words

Now, I’ve written before about the importance of words (check out this blog for more details) but are you using too many on your website?

You have about 7 seconds to grab someone’s attention with your website. What does your website tell someone in 7 seconds. If someone can’t find who you are and who you help in those 7 seconds then you’ve probably lost them.

The way people digest information has evolved so much recently that it’s important that your website evolves as well. Gone are the days of listing ALL the things you can help with and ALL the qualifications you have and expecting people to spend ages finding their thing and seeing how you can help them. People want information at their finger tips, they want soundbites and snippets of information that they can skim through. You website needs to reflect that.

So take the 7 second test – what does your website say about you and your business, how easy is it to find out who you help and with what, can I find a video of you, can I sign up for your freebie, can I contact you easily? How can you get your message across in less words?

3. You have gaps in your marketing

I’m posting on social media but no one is booking in

I hear this a LOT. Social media is a great way to connect with potential clients and grow your pool of people who love your stuff, but it’s only one part. You can’t have a busy, client filled diary just from social media. You need to take people on a marketing journey and if you have gaps in it then you risk people falling through and ending up going elsewhere for help. You need to put time and effort into each step in order to keep those clients flowing to your diary.

  • You should be posting on social media and you should be posting on different platforms, not just Facebook.
  • You should be blogging regularly on your website and sharing the links for those blogs so you drive traffic to your website.
  • You should have a freebie that really helps your potential clients, then you can build your mailing list and you should be sending that list a regular newsletter.
  • You should be looking at Facebook ads and re-targeting people through the wondrous Facebook tracking pixel.

Once you have all those in place and working then you will have that busy business you dream of.

Now that might all sound scary or leave you feeling like you don’t know where to start, but don’t panic because that’s why I’m here. This is the sort of stuff I teach and these are the kind of things that will start to transform your business and fill your diary.

4. You have nothing to sell

If I looked at your business right now, what could I find to buy? As therapists we forget to actually tell people they can spend money with us; whether it’s one to one work or an online therapy product. Remember to remind people that you have stuff they can buy about 20% of the time, have clear ways for people to pay for sessions on your website and you can even set up a shop on Facebook now as well.

Think about having a sales page on your website that talks to your who about their what and shows them that you are the thing they need to feel better.

5. You’re expecting them to jump too soon

It takes time for potential clients to decide that you are the therapist for them, so don’t get disheartened when your Facebook posts don’t turn to booking immediately. Think of everything you do as a ripple; the more you create ripples the further they spread and the more people they touch. The more people they touch, the more people are likely book up with you. Be consistent, create loads of fabulous content that you share all over the place, be everywhere and remember it takes time for them to jump into your diary.

Making some small tweaks to your business and your marketing can have a massive impact on how full your diary is.