I was asked recently what I would do differently if I had the chance to start again, which got me thinking….everything I went through was for a reason and led me here, but if I had the chance would I really have struggled and suffered for so long? What would I do differently if I had the chance to start over?

1. Spent less at the start

Leaflets, a logo, business cards, a website, a domain name, hosting, insurance, CPD, an accountant, networking events – I spent a small fortune at the start of my business and half of the stuff I really didn’t need or didn’t help grow my business in anyway.

A Facebook page, a good picture of you and a business name are really all you need to get started. Your website next and then you can concentrate on logos etc. once you are on your feet and earning money.

2. Done more research

I went into my business blissfully blind. I had NO clue about how many therapists were out there, how hard it would be to get clients, that I would need a constant stream of these clients week after week. I had no idea about the running a business side of my business – accounts, tax, growing my biz, tracking it was on course. It was all new to me and it was such a shock. I wish I’d done more research about what it entails to run a business and learnt that it’s so much more than finding the next client to book into your diary.

3. Not over charged

When I started I was advised on my training to charge £250 a client and ‘fix them in an hour’. This made me feel icky and uncomfortable and so the minute I told people my price I offered discounts and extra sessions. My lack of confidence showed from the minute I started talking money and clients could see that. Had I been more confident in my prices I might have got more bookings. I wasn’t until I dropped my prices to something I felt comfortable with that I was able to stick to my prices and show clients that they would get something amazing for their money. Make sure that you are charging enough, but also make sure it’s an amount you are comfortable to be charging.

4. Been more confident in my talents

‘I’m just a therapist’ would be my opening line at networking events and anytime someone asked what I do. As if my therapy skills are insignificant in the world and a luxury that few people could afford to indulge in. I lacked confidence in my abilities to help people – not because I wasn’t good but, because I wondered if people would really believe me. Now things are different and I guess that has come with experience. I know know that I am a therapist – that I can heal hearts, end addictions, sooth anxiety, create confidence or smash phobias. I know that I have the power to change lives and that’s now how I teach my therapists to sell their own talents. People will pay for things that will make them feel better and you can make them feel better but you need to have the confidence to show them.

5. Not limited my earning potential

For SOOOOO long I truly believed that the only therapeutic relationship that worked was face to face in the therapy room (and maybe over Skype if the connection was ok!). I thought I had to work with a client to earn money and so in order to earn more money I had to see more clients and work longer hours. I was exhausted.

Then I realised that I could create another way. A way of earning money without seeing face to face clients, earning even when I wasn’t working. Even the idea was liberating and actually building this into my business transformed saved it! Having online therapy products that people can buy and use from home changed the way I ran my business and finally gave me the business and the work life balance I dreamed of.

6. Asked for help sooner

Maybe I should have put this one first because this is the one I wish the most. I struggled for nearly 2 years to build a business. I was so skint when I sought the help of a online course to sort my marketing, that had it failed so would my business. It was the biggest chance I have ever taken, the biggest risk, but it was the one that made the most difference. I learnt about marketing and mailing lists and freebies and launching online products and sales pages and all the techie stuff that goes with it and sold the most amount of online courses ever and I had a waiting list full of clients who wanted to work with me. That one risk paid off and changed everything.

So yes investing in yourself is amazingly terrifying but it could be the one thing you need to kick start your dreams.

So, if I had the chance to start over these are the things I would do differently, but actually each mistake I made now means that I can teach you how to avoid it. Each £££ I wasted I can now save for you. So, it really all was for a good reason <3