As therapists when we think about doing a course or some CPD, we often think of more therapy training to add to our therapy tool box. We think that those extra skills are the difference between a full diary and an empty one but, is doing another therapy course what you need? Isn’t it more important to learn about the business stuff and how to bring clients to your diary? What if that was the bit that would make all the difference?

Could a business course be good for your therapy business?

You can have the best training in the world, you can have spent thousands on it, done LOADS of CPD and still not have enough clients. Now, that’s not because you’re a terrible therapist. I mean, you get results and you help clients BUT, you can’t seem to build the business you dreamed of and that’s why doing a business course might be just what you need. Let me explain.

You see, training companies want you do to their training but they don’t really care how successful you are when you’re out in the real world. Some will teach you marketing methods but they are usually outdated and only part of the story. You will get told things like ‘get business cards’, get on the first page of Google with your website and my particular favourite ‘be good at what you do and you’ll have loads of clients’ which leaves you feeling like your empty diary is somehow your fault!

So, before you spend any more money on your therapy skills, is it time to focus on learning about marketing and the business stuff so that you know how to fill your diary week after week?

I don’t need to learn marketing, that’s just what big companies do.

I get it, you need clients. You just need to tell them that you can help and keep posting that on social media and they will book in, right? I know it can feel like marketing is some big buzz word that is used by big companies but, you also need to market your business. Don’t think about marketing as TV adverts and funnels and click bait (because that’s icky and really doesn’t work with therapy clients) but think of it more like a conversation. Marketing is just you connecting with potential clients, letting them get to know you, like what you have to say and trust that you can help. Marketing is just leading them by the hand and showing them around your business. It’s you offering them advice, expertise and reminding them what they get when they work with you.

In order to fill your diary you have to market your business and it takes so much more than a post on Facebook telling them you can help them. There are so many therapists out there that you need to market to stand out, you need to market to show people why you’re worth the investment and you need to market to show them that you are the real deal. For marketing to work it needs to happen in lots of different places and in lots of different ways. It can feel scary and overwhelming but when you get it right, magic things will happen in your business.

I don’t have time to do a business course

I’m not talking about doing a degree but, unless you make time to learn the business stuff and then make time to actually do it your business will struggle. You’ll probably always be focused on getting that next client booked in. You won’t be able to see the bigger picture or know why that bigger picture is so important. You will struggle to make the money you want to make and probably find lots of clients cancel at the last minute or not show up at all. The business stuff is massively important, because you are running a business now.

I’m not talking business plans and projections, but I am talking about thinking about your business as a business rather than simply focusing on the next client.

I’ll do it later

I’ll just get some clients, earn some money and THEN I’ll do all that marketing and business stuff. BUT, there are so many therapists out there, so much choice for clients, that if you’re not doing it then there is a chance that you will never fill your diary like you want to. Learning marketing and the business stuff isn’t something to do when you get busy or successful. They are the things that will help make you busy and successful.

It’s too expensive

You have spent thousands on your training. Are you willing to risk all that money you’ve already spent? I see so many therapists who have to give up or get second jobs to support their dreams or who never get to create the business they wanted and so are always stuck in the day job. You can have success. You can make really good money in your therapy business. You can have it as your main income if that’s your dream BUT you have to invest in the bit you’re missing, the bit they forgot to teach you at therapy training which is how to turn your therapy talents into a client-filled business.

Plus, a good course will show you how to save money, get more clients, boost your income doing what you love so the course should pay for itself.

Don’t become a statistic and be one of those people who did a therapy training course but then who struggled to find clients and gave up/put your dreams on hold. Learn the business stuff and the marketing stuff and a good programme will help you fill your diary with clients who are ready to work with you, who will pay your prices and who show up for their appointments (and tell all their friends).