Let’s be honest – the therapy market is a saturated one. There are therapists everywhere and new ones training every day. If you were to search for therapists in your area, there would be loads. So, does this mean we should shut up shop and choose another career? Absolutely not. It does mean though that you need to do things differently. You need to make sure you stand out from the crowd and you need to make sure you that when a potential client is looking for a therapist that they choose you. But how do you get inside their head to make sure this happens?

Marketing is how you get inside a potential client’s head. How you market yourself, your business and your talents will decide how full (or empty) your diary is. So let’s look at how you can make sure that you are the therapist they choose.

Speak to them.

How you speak to potential clients is SOOOOOOOO important in helping you get them booked in. They need to feel like you are talking directly to them, that you get how they feel, that you understand how their thing is affecting them and how you can help them feel better.

Writing stuff like the quote below just won’t cut it anymore.

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m a hypnotherapist. I can get rid of you anxiety. Contact me to find out more.

In a saturated market, this just won’t work. You won’t stand out. You won’t get clients. Your words have the power to attract clients when you get them right.

I get it lovely, you’re sitting there, heart racing, palms sweating, terrified to open your mouth because you are afraid everyone will be able to tell that you are on the verge of falling apart. Tears begin to rise. Surely someone can hear how loudly your heart is beating or how how fast your breath is coming and going. Is everyone staring. It’s building. It’s getting worse. You want to escape but your legs won’t move. You’re stuck. You’re afraid. You’re alone. Will it ever stop. How can other people live normal lives while you feel your constantly stuck on a rollercoaster. Adrenalin coursing through your veins like a drug making even the simplest things feel impossible.

But it can stop. I know it can because I worked with so many people who were where you are now and they silenced that anxiety. They slayed the dragon. They got off the rollercoster and now they live in a world where anxiety isn’t an issue. I know, as you sit there now, it probably feels impossible. It probably feels like a far off dream, but I promise together we can do it. Imagine living in a world where your heart doesn’t race, where you are in control and your breath come and goes like waves onto a beach…gentle, calm, again and again.

See the difference? Yes, it takes longer. Yes, you have to learn to love words and writing (but that happens as you do it more and more). Yes, you need to unleash your inner author, but it really will get people to sit up and notice you. You are putting yourself in their shoes, showing them that you totally get how hard life is with there there, but you are also showing them how different life would be without their thing – you are giving them hope. Give it a go and see the impact it has on your therapy biz bookings.

Be everywhere.

Marketing is about showing up in front of the people who need you the most. The idea is that someone decides they need a therapist and suddenly, like magic or a message from the universe, you show up again and again. It’s why it’s so important to have all the pieces of your marketing journey in place so that they can find you in lots of different places – your social media, your blogs, your website, your freebie, your mailing list and then ultimately into your diary.

You need to post consistently and be visible in your business so potential clients can get to know you and you need to show up day after day. Remember it can take months of seeing your stuff before potential clients trust you enough to inquire or book up with you.

If you incorporate these 2 things into your marketing it will make such a difference, help you stand out and shine in a saturated market and fill your diary with paying clients.