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Blogging is good for so many reasons. It starts people on your marketing journey to your diary. It helps you share your expertise and if you do it regularly it means you’re updating your website which helps your search engine optimization and helps you get on the first page of a Google search. Plus it brings people to your website where they can have a look around and find out lots about you and your business.

Blogging is great for business but thinking of ideas to blog regularly can feel tough. Finding the right words, finding your writing style, knowing what to blog about or how much to write can feel overwhelming, so we don’t blog or we only blog once in a blue moon which means we don’t get all those lovely blogging benefits.

I want to change all that for you!

What if you had someone to write you 2 or 4 blogs for you. I have a head full of blogs and I’d love to write some for you. You can choose 2 blogs or 4, we will have a chat about your business and who you’re trying to attract to your diary and then I can go off and write them for you. All you need to do then is upload them on to your website and share them to your social media so that people can read them and start to see you as the expert who they want to help them.

You can get 2 blogs for just £79 or 4 blogs for £149.

Why not click the link below and let’s get started on creating some blogs for your business.


I'd like you to write me some blogs

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