Lovely therapist,

Sales pages. Why do you need them anyway? Surely that’s just what people who have stuff to sell have???

But, you do have something to sell lovely therapist – your therapy skills and your ability to transform lives.

Yes, we can put our prices on our websites and list all the things that we help with but this leaves a client feeling overwhelmed because there is too much choice and too much information. So, we need to do something else instead.

Have a sales page.

A sales page is a page that talks to potential clients about how they are feeling. It connects with how their thing if affecting them, how it’s getting in the way and how it’s making them feel. The sales page can then talk to them about how they wish they felt. What would be different if we had a magic wand? How would they feel and what would they be doing that they can’t do now? Then you explain that the way from how they feel to how they wish they could feel is you and your therapy skills.

Having a sales page shows people how your therapy skills will help transform their lives. It shows people why you’re worth investing in and it gives them a clear understanding about how you can help them.

Having a sales page will transform your business. You can wave goodbye to spending hours explaining how you can help, only to never hear from the person again. You can put a stop to people telling you that you’re too expensive. You can have somewhere to direct people when they get in touch and want to know more

But I know that writing a sales page might fill you dread. What do you include, how long should it be, how do you get people to see the value in what you do and want to book a session????

Don’t panic – I LOVE writing sales page and I can write one for you.

For just £79 I can write your sales page so you can upload it onto your website and start bringing those new clients to your dairy (but don’t panic – we will ave a 15 min chat first so I can learn more about your business and the clients you want to attract).

Don’t avoid selling your amazing skills because there are clients out there looking for you right now. A sales page will help them see that you are the perfect therapist to help them.


I'd like you to write my sales page

Let's get started on filling your diary