Lovely therapist,


Your website is the portal to your business but do you know you only have about 7 seconds to get someone’s attention and make them want to know more.

7 seconds – that’s it! In that time you have to get across who you are, whether you can help them and make them want to know more about you and your business.


So, how do you do it? How do you grab their attention and lead them around your website?

With your words.

If you website looks like all the other therapy websites out there, if you website is a list of all the things you can help with or all the training you’ve done, if your website is lots of logos and contact me buttons then it’s likely that people won’t stick around for long.

We need to make sure your website makes potential clients thing you’re talking to them. We need to make sure it shows them just how different life could be if they worked with you. We need to help them get to know, like and trust you. We need to make sure it takes them on a journey around your site so they see what you want them to see and we need to make sure it helps bring people to your diary.

BUT, how do you do that?

I know it’s hard. No one has shown us how to do this. We’re not website designers, we not copy writers. We are therapists.

But it doesn’t have to be. I can help you find the right words. I can help you make sure your website tells clients the things they need to hear in order to say yes to your therapy talents. I can help you make sure each page is working for you and leading clients around your website.

In this package we will work together to get your website working for you. We start with a 30 minute chat where we look at your website and look at what pages are working and what needs a refresh. I will then go off and write the pages you want me to focus on and then you can upload them to your website.

Prices start from £125 for a rewrite of 2 pages on your website, but you can add more pages if you need to.

If you are frustrated with your website and wondering why it’s not bringing more clients to your door then this is the package for you.


I'd like you to help me rewrite my website

Yes please!