Hey lovely therapist,

How many times have you found yourself sitting at your computer, knowing that you need to write some social media posts or a blog, but having no clue what to write or where to start? How many times do you feel that pressure to create some content but you can’t find the right words. Maybe you have that website, but you know it’s not right and you want to change things but you can’t work out what to put where.

How much time do we waste trying to find the right words and using them in the right places to help you find clients and fill your diary? Imagine what other things you could be using that time for…..

Well, I don’t want you wasting a moment more. I want to help you write and create content.

I LOVE writing. I seem to have an unlimited stream of it running through my head and I want to put it to good use by helping you create loads of content.

Below are my Done For You packages where we chat, I find out about you and your business and then I help take the pressure off by creating that content for you. Social media posts, website words, sales pages and even blogs to help you and your business.

Sound like something that would help you? Then just click on the content you need me to write below and let’s take it from there.

Website review

You’ve spent time and money on your website but it’s still not bringing you clients you want. In a website review I will record a review of your website for you and email it over with loads of suggestions of things to change and include in your website to help you attract those clients. We will then have a 15 minute chat so you can ask me any questions about how to make the most of your site.

Yes please

Website words

Your website is so important in your business but right now you don’t feel like yours is doing it’s job. You’d like to rewrite it but you have no idea where to start so let’s work together to get your website words working and bringing clients to your diary.

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Done for you social media

You know you need to post lots on social media but you can’t think of what to write. Do you spend ages trying to create something to post only to not get any engagement? Wonder how to connect with clients? Well the good news is my head is FULL of post ideas so let me write some for you. Choose how many posts you’d like, we will chat for 15 minutes and I will create you some social media posts that will stand out and be seen by those clients you’re trying to attract.

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Blogging. You know you need to be doing it but what do you blog about, how often do you need to blog and how the heck do you keep coming up with ideas of things to blog about? Well, I can help make blogging easier by writing them for you. Just choose how many blogs you’d like me to write and we can get started.

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Sales page

As therapists we are usually terrible at selling and clients aren’t sure what we offer or how we can help them feel better. Sales pages are a great way to change all that. These pages connect with clients and show them that we understand how they are feeling, they then talk to them about how they wish they felt and how life could be if they changed that thing and then we show them that you are the way to transform how they feel. Sales page really help you bring clients to your business and I can help you write one that speaks to clients and makes them want to say yes.

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Sales bundle

You want to sell your one to one sessions or maybe you want to start selling Skype sessions or even an online programme you’ve created but you have no idea where to start. In this sales bundle I will help you plan out how to sell your therapy services with the perfect sales page plus 10 social media posts to help you secure those sales.

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What are other therapists saying?

Thank you so much for my social media posts. I wanted to have a backup collection of posts for the days when I just sit and stare at the computer and my brain doesn’t oblige me with inspiration of something to write. They’re perfect for my client focus and I can easily adapt them for the range of clients that I see so I know I can maintain my social media marketing. If anyone is struggling for ideas or like me, just want to have a range of posts for the days I’m busy or my brain is full of fog, then I’d really recommend Sarah’s Done For You social media posts.

I put my 1st post out less than an hour ago and already have 2 new inquiries from it.

You’re a genius

Since Friday I have been Posting 4 times a day. It’s actually quite fun. Have gotten some likes and 3 inquires