Lovely therapist,

Before you read any further I want to promise you that this is more than ‘just another thing’ that will sit in your in-box. This isn’t something that you will invest in and never do. This isn’t something that you will get around to, but never get around to. This is something different.

This is your evolution.

This is for you no matter what stage you’re at in your business; starting out, building and growing, wanting to supercharge your income or even established and just want to make your life a bit easier.

No matter what stage you’re at right now, we all want one thing; clients. We finish our training, set up our business and start looking for clients, then realise that finding clients is WAY harder than anyone ever told us!!!

Right now you might be…

Spending a fortune, advertising everywhere. Spending hours on social media, telling everyone that you can help with everything. You might have some clients, but have had to work flipping hard to find them. Maybe they don’t turn up or cancel at the last minute. Maybe you are working long hours, evening, weekends, trying to replace that corporate income or give up that 9 to 5 job. Maybe you’re wondering if you can really have a busy, successful therapy business. Maybe you’re stressed, worried or even fed up.

You’ve signed up for classes to help, invested in programmes that promise to help you find clients, you’ve got freebies filling your in-box that show you how to click-bait new clients or convert them to customers or even push them through your funnel, but nothing is working like you want it to and you are still wondering where that business you dream of is.

>>>> Well, I have just the thing….the Evolution Programme.

Over the next 90 days we are going to work together. We are going to take your business from wherever you’re starting to where you dream of being.

This programme has EVERYTHING. It has everything you need to get started in your therapy biz (and don’t worry if you’ve been going a while, it’s always a good idea to check your foundations are in place and working for you). It has everything you need to build and grow your business so that your diary is always full. It has everything you need to create an income that makes you smile, replaces that ‘day job’ income and allows you to earn money even when you’re not working. Plus it has everything you need to keep your business in the flow so that you never have to worry about clients or spend hours doing stuff that you hate again.

What is ‘everything’ Sarah???

This programme has over 120 videos, workbooks, cheat sheets, ideas, inspiration, how to guides, tutorials, client forms, templates >>>> EVERYTHING you will ever need to build and grow your therapy business. I want this to be the last thing you need to invest in because you’ve already spent a flipping fortune on your training!

Everything is online in a secure library. You will be emailed your login details and you are good to go. You can work through everything at your own pace or binge watch loads of it. Don’t worry if online is new to you, because it’s all really easy to follow. Plus everything is yours to keep forever so you can come back to it again and again.

But what’s different about this course…..?

Apart from the amazing EVERYTHING you get in your library you also get ME for 90 days. Ninety days is about how long it takes to make real changes in your business that potential clients start to see. So for 90 days we are going to work together. Every day you will get an email from me with your task for that day. If you work through the 90 days you will implement everything that is in the programme and start to create the business you dream of. Over the 90 days I will show you all the things you need to be doing in your business to get those clients rolling in. These emails will help you stay accountable (think of it like having a tiny me in your pocket telling you what to do each day), but don’t worry if you miss one as each week there will be a summary and you can catch up when you have time.

During these 90 days, through the stuff in your content library, your daily emails and the Facebook group, we are going to walk through each stage of your business. Here’s what we are going to work through…..

1. Set up

(even if you’ve got an established business sometimes what you need the most is to refresh and strengthen your foundations).

Here we will look at everything biz essentials, where to advertise, Facebook page, website, your message, your experience bank and loads more.

2. Building your business

Here we will look at your marketing journey so you can take clients to your diary. We will nail your social media so people are listening, we will look at blogging, freebies, newsletters and getting your message out there. We will look at how to deal with those tough questions like ‘does it work’ ‘do you offer discounts’. We will make sure you have all the client paper work ready, know how to take deposits and payments and deal with no shows.

This module is a biggie because it’s here you will start to build an grow your business so we will take it step by step and the 90 days support means that we can work through it together.

3. Supercharging your income

I LURVE this one! Here we will look at how to improve your income without working harder or charging more. We will look at working remotely and the things you need to consider or have in place. We will also look at how to turn your fabulous therapy skills into online products and programmes so clients can work with you no matter where they are in the world. This means you can earn even when you’re not working and it can have a massive impact on your work-life balance and your bank account.

I will show you, not only how to create the online stuff, but how to sell it so that people want to buy it (and I’m not talking £9.99 audios, I’m thinking much bigger!) and how this can really transform your business.

4. Keeping in the flow

There will come a time in business where you have a full diary and are happy with the income you are bringing in so you sit back, have a cuppa and relax. Then you might notice that your income is not so great or you have loads of admin to do or even that your diary isn’t as full. This module will help you make sure that doesn’t happen. It will show you how to stay create a business that works all the time, how to automate things to make your life easier, how to set things up so they work again and again and even how to outsource the stuff you hate. This module will just make your therapy biz life a whole lot easier and who doesn’t like easy!

But what will you get by the end of the 90 days?

You will have everything you need to build and grow the business of your dreams – the how to guides, the ideas, the inspiration, the ‘ah-ha’ moments but best of all, we will have walked through how to do it all in YOUR business so that it’s working for you and bringing you clients.

Imagine a business that brought in clients.

Where your social media connected with people who liked and commented on it. Imagine a website where people find out all about you and click to book an appointment and pay a deposit so that you know they will show up. Imagine sharing your expertise through videos, blogs or even a freebie that people sign up for. Imagine getting emails from people who tell you that they love what you have to say or that they have been following you for a while and want you to help them. No more feeling that every client is a struggle.

Imagine a full diary. 

Imagine a work-life balance that makes you smile, an income that comes into your bank account even when you’re not working, helping clients from all over the world with your amazing skills.

Imagine a business that didn’t feel like hard work.

Where you could do all the techie stuff, had the right foundations in place, had stuff automated or even outsourced to someone else.

Imagine the business of your dreams becoming a reality…….

Sound good??? All this can be yours right now.

When you start your Evolution you will get a comprehensive library FULL of videos, workbooks, how to guides and much, much more. You get daily email support from me plus I will be live regularly in the Facebook group full of other therapists just like you who are working through the programme while we work through all the steps and get your business to where you want it to.


This really is the perfect solution, no matter where you are in your business

Is it what you need????

I know what you’re thinking……

Yeap, it sounds great Sarah, but that sort of thing isn’t for me. I can’t really make a success of things. It’s just another investment that won’t help. I will just keep doing what I’m doing with my leaflets and that rubbish networking thing I go to at stupid o’clock in the morning and cross my fingers that things will just improve on there own.

So you don’t invest. You carry on going from client to client, not knowing how much you will earn next week, let alone next month. Clients cancel, you lose money. You have some more leaflets printed and you stick them everywhere you go. You spend money you don’t have spare on an ad in the local paper. You get stung with a bill for £100 for Google Ad Words that didn’t even bring you a client. Your spending all of your time focused on your business, but it’s still not bringing you the clients you need or want. Your stress levels increase, while business gets quieter and quieter.

Or you could take a chance and invest. What would that look like? For the next 90 days you learn so much stuff that your head feels like it might explode and you LOVE it. You are posting on social media and people are interacting. You finally understand what you need to be saying to people to get their attention and show them that you are the therapist for them. You are creating videos (and people are watching them). You are writing blogs that people are reading. Your website traffic has gone through the roof. You have a freebie and a mailing list, you understand how to advertise on Facebook and you are getting people inquiring and booking up all the time. You have built a passive income that means, even when you are ill or the kids are off school or when you’re asleep you are still making money. You’re not stressed. You’ve transformed your mindset and you have created the work-life balance of your dreams and it was so much easier than you thought.

I have been where you are. I have struggled and doubted and cried. I have been clientless and penniless and I turned things around and now I teach other therapists to evolve. I show them that they have the talents, they just need the business stuff in place and once they do then they fly. And if you can invest in yourself, then you will too.

It doesn’t matter where you are right now, how long you’ve been in business or what your therapy is, during this programme we will evolve your business into a diary filled, money making biz of your dreams.

Are you ready to invest in you and your business?

Do you want to be able to talk to clients so they listen? Do you want to stop wasting time and money on stuff that doesn’t work? Are you tired of listening to the ‘experts’ who don’t really get what it’s like to be a therapist and want to help people (and then have to charge them for it)? Are you worn out with the stress and worry of it all? Do you wish you could earn more money from what you love and even earn money without seeing clients? Do you wish you had the work-life balance you dreamed of when you set up your business?

If you’ve said YES to any of them, then this programme is for you.

Let’s get you started on your evolution TODAY.

It’s time lovely therapist. Your time. Your time to shine, your time to find success. Your time to step out of the sea of therapists and shine. It’s your time to transform your business. I’m going to show you how and hold your hand while you do it. Imagine how different things will be a few months from now?!?!?

You can start your Evolution now for just £597 and you can choose to pay in 5 or 10 payments.

Just think – only one or two new clients per month and this programme has paid for itself….and we are going to find you loads more than that!

It’s your choice. You can choose to stay where you are and keep trying what you’re trying or you can choose to evolve.

Which will you choose???

The doors are currently CLOSED

But if you want to be the first to hear when you can join in 2019 pop your details in below

I want to be the first to hear

Tell me please

What are people saying about the Evolution Programme?

What can I say.. quite a lot actually… I probably like a lot of you reading this have spent a lot of money, on this and that trying to build up the business. More than just money though I have spent a lot of time on my business and frankly and I mustn’t swear, I sucked at it. Well in the last 3 weeks ish I have already started to see a shift. A shift not just in the number of clients but in me and in particular the excitement I now feel again. You see I realise that its not about the qualifications or the letters after my name its about connecting its about them knowing you can help. You have taught me a lot already Sarah so thank you from me but also from all the new clients that are getting my help. P.s I have only done module 1 wonder where I will be in 6 months. 


This programme is amazing. It’s what every therapist needs. I just wish I’d found it sooner!


I was already on a coaching programme which wasn’t really working for me (I felt anxious and overwhelmed) but I just knew Sarah’s would! The programme is structured and takes you step by step through everything you need to know to help you to build your dream business. For me, taking it step by step in a structured way has meant there’s no overwhelm just excitement and motivation to really get stuck in. Sarah is so helpful and knowledgeable I can’t recommend her enough to anyone who needs help to move their business forwards… it’s certainly a great journey for me so far!


Sarah’s programme is a godsend for people who may be fantastic therapists but feel out of their depth when it comes to marketing their skills. Sarah breaks down exactly what needs to be done and is really committed to supporting you through the process. She is warm, approachable and genuine. I recommend Sarah’s courses as a point of reference for any therapist who is serious about becoming a commercial success but for whom trying to navigate the world of social media etc just feels too daunting. Guidance and support to make you feel that anything is possible!


This is the best thing I’ve invested in since my training!


Hi, I’m Sarah. Hypnotherapist, coach, mummy of 2, funny lady from the North East. I gave up my safe career in the civil service to become a hypnotherapist. I donned my rose tinted specs after I finished my training and truly believed if I told everyone I could help with everything then clients would be beating my door down. They didn’t. Fast forward 2 years and I was skint, stressed and wondering what the heck I was doing wrong. I invested my last bit of money in learning how to market my business and I’ve not looked back.

Now I coach other therapists because no one tells you how hard it is to find clients or even how to market yourself in a saturated market, so that clients can find you and want to work with you. I love helping therapists just like you create a business they love on their terms and I’d love to work with you as well.