Taking your therapy business online can transform your income, let you help more people from all over the world and allow you to earn money even when you’re not working. Sound good? But surely it’s really hard to do or you will need to be a techie expert or it will cost you a fortune, right?

Nope!!! Let’s take a look at how easy it is to create and sell one.

I LOVE having an online element to my therapy business. In fact, I make no secret that having an online income saved my business and really helped me to turn things around. You can read more about that here. When I talk about being online I don’t mean you have an online shop that sells other people’s stuff that might help your clients. No, I am talking about you turning your therapy talents in online products or programmes – a 4 module anxiety programme, a 6 week weight loss programme, audios to help with pain, sleeping, exam stress.

Being online means that once your product or programme is written and recorded and selling then you don’t have to be involved in that clients transformation. That’s why it’s called a passive income. Don’t listen to the hype though; being online isn’t a magic wand that will make you millions. It can bring in good money, but it still takes your time and energy to create and sell it. But it really will take the pressure off finding those local clients and means that you can earn even while you’re not working.

Where to start?

Start with your who, what and how (you can find out more about this here) as you need to have a pool of potential clients who know who you are, like your stuff and want to work with you. Work out what will help them the most. Decide how big or small you want your online product to be – is it a single audio or video (these are ok as starting points, but they won’t make a massive impact on your income) or a larger programme (I would suggest starting with a 4 module programme where you send clients the info each week).

Once you’ve decided what you want to create you need to decide what to include. For this, I love my trusty post it notes. I think about what I cover in 4 sessions with a client and I work out how to recreate this online. Remember, you want things to be as self-explanatory as possible so include videos of you talking them through stuff and clear instructions about what they should be doing when).

For example – I might decide to create a 4 week anxiety programme. Week 1 would include a video about the course, a video explaining what to expect from this week. A workbook which asks them to take a look at their anxiety now (triggers etc.) and this will be done again in week 4 to show progress and then an audio to help them relax. I would write each of these on a post it note and stick them on my wall and then do the same for the other 3 weeks. This allows you to make sure that everything fits together nicely and if not, you can move things around. If you like to do things on your computer rather than post it notes then try something like Trello.

How do I create it?

Now you have your online programme planned out you need to start creating it. You could spend a fortune on fancy software but I believe you should do it as cheaply as possible because this is supposed to improving your income, not making it worse!

To create workbooks and e-books try Canva.com.

To record your screen when showing slides try screencast-o-matic.com

To record you speaking or giving a demonstration try YouTube live

To record your audios Audacity is great.

You can use all of these for free to create all the content you need for your online therapy programmes.

But how do I sell it?

This is where a lot of people fail. They have an amazing product that transform people’s lives but they don’t sell it to people. Telling people you have a programme to get rid of their anxiety isn’t enough. How are they feeling right now? How is their anxiety affecting their lives? What’s it stopping them doing? And how will this programme help? How will they feel after doing it? How will their lives be different? You need to paint a picture of how investing in your thing will make feel/do/have. That’s what will make them buy.

You need to write a ‘sales page’ that talks them through all of this. You can do this on your website or you can use something like unbounce.com

Then you need to take payments. It’s so much easier for clients to say yes if you offer payment plans which you can do through PayPal by signing up for their FREE business account and then clicking buttons and creating a ‘subscription’ button for the amount you want to charge. Remember to think about your price carefully – undercharging for your expertise can make people suspicious. For a 4 module programme I would think between the £99-149 price point, depending on how much content you have included.

Once they have bought…

You will do a little happy dance when you hear that PayPal notification that someone has bought (I still do and I’ve been selling online for years!). Then you need to get the content to them. There are a number of ways you can do that….

Email – you could email them, but be careful because some of your files will be too large to email. So you could either send them through something like Wetransfer or you could save all the files to dropbox or google drive and email them the links to the files.

Facebook – when I first started I set up Facebook groups and added the people who signed up and shared the files and the dropbox links in there. It also gives you the additional benefit of having a place people can ask questions and get support from you and each other.

On you website – if you are techie savey you could add a membership area to your website, so that once people have paid they are sent a password and can access the content.

And that’s it. Exactly what it takes to plan, create and sell your first online programme. It’s not that hard, is it? You can be selling before you know it and it will supercharge your therapy income.