You bring your therapy talents and I will help you build and grow a successful business

You’ve completed your training, you’ve paid for the website, the business cards, the fancy office and yet here you are, struggling to get clients. You’ve tried all the stuff they suggested at therapy training, you’ve tried offers and tasters and buy one get one free offers, but still no on is booking up (or if they are they cancel last minute or just don’t turn up).

You know you need to know more about how to market your business and attract clients, but you have no idea where to go or who to look at as there are so many out there.

Don’t panic lovely therapist.

You are in the right place. My job is to help you crack this marketing malarky, boost your income and fill your diary and there are so many ways you can work with me. But be warned I won’t make false promises that this will all change in 6 seconds, I won’t bash you with my ego and make you and your training feel inferior and I’m not afriad to be honest and dish out virtual high fives, hugs and when needed butt kicks!

Check out the links below to find the different ways I can help you. I can’t wait to get to know you and your fabulous talents.

Sarah, the therapy biz coach


Free stuff

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Mini programme to get you started

Not sure about what you need or where to start? Why not grab a mini programme and kick start the big changes in your therapy biz

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Therapy Biz Success School

If you want to be part of a group of talented therapists and get help and support to grow your business for less than a couple of trips to the coffee shop come and be part of the Success School

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The Missing Piece

The Missing Piece will help turn your therapy talents into a successful, client-filled business

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Work with me one to one

You can work with me one to one for some serious shifts in your business.

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