You know you need a Facebook business page to help you attract clients but you’ve got one and you’ve shared it friends and family but what now? How do you grow your Facebook page so that it brings you clients and not just likes from your mum?

You’ve set up your Facebook page, you’ve shared it with friends and family. Maybe you had a flurry of interest and likes but now nothing. How do you grow your Facebook page with people who are going to want to work with you?

Numbers are just numbers

Having loads of likes on your Facebook page is great but numbers are just numbers. You can buy likes (please don’t do that!), you can get your friends and family to sign up, you can join like ladders (are they still a thing?) or join business pages and get other businesses to like your business BUT a like is totally worthless unless it’s from a person who is likely to want to work with you.

Yes, of course having likes is important but if they are liking it because you’ve paid them to or they are your mum then you may as well be talking to yourself because they are not going to help you build your client filled, busy business.

Focus on attracting people who are listening to what you have to say, focus on adding lots of value and helping them with your posts, focus on building an audience of people who are engaged, even if this is a smaller number.

Share your expertise

A great way to grow your Facebook page is to share your expertise. Videos, blogs, memes, advice, help, support – these will help people see you as the expert, they will see that you can help them and they will want to know more. You can share this advice on posts or in groups when people ask for advice without being spammy and trying to sell your services. This makes people want to know more about (and this brings me onto my next point).

Link it to your personal page

You should always run your business through a Facebook business page and not your personal page but you should also link your business and personal pages together (you can do this through your employment information on your personal page) so that if you are offering advice in groups on or people’s posts as you then they can wonder who you are and why you have all this amazing information and find out by clicking on your personal profile and seeing the link to your business page, where they can go and click like.

Run a likes ad

You can run a likes ad to grow your page for as little as £1 a day BUT, you need to be very clear about who you are wanting to like your page. Are you wanting people local to you or people from all over the world? Are you wanting people with specific characteristics (age, gender, employment, parents etc.) or that have certain interests or behaviours. You can define who sees your advert by all these things but remember to try to keep your audience under half a million otherwise you risk your advert getting lost in Facebook land.

Make it clear who you are and what you do

It’s so much easier to grow your page if you’re super clear about who you are and what you do. You can read more about how to work out who you want to attract to your page here. Having a clear header with your name and what you help with will help you do this. Now this isn’t about the therapy you offer but more about what you help to get rid of or how you can make a person feel better. Remember, there are a lot of businesses on Facebook and you need to grab someone’s attention so they want to know more; you don’t do that by listing all the letters behind your name.

Keep posting

Facebook doesn’t show everyone everything you post – if it did we would all be bombarded with content because there are so many people on Facebook. Instead it drip feeds people your stuff, if they like it then it will show it to more people. In order to grow your Facebook page it’s important to keep posting. Facebook likes it if you post about 4 times a day. It like it if you post lots of different content (questions, videos, images, text posts, emoji posts, GIFS <<< there is so much choice you should never run out of content but if you are stuck you can grab my free content creation generator here). The more you post the more chance you have of your posts getting seen and the more you can grow your Facebook page with people who love what you have to say.

Invite your likes

Do you know that when people like your posts you can check whether or not they like your Facebook page already. If they don’t Facebook makes it easy for you to invite them to like it. All you need to do is click on your likes and it brings up a list of their names and whether they like your page. If not you can click the invite button and Facebook will do the rest.

Don’t just focus on Facebook

Facebook is great but it’s only one social media platform and only one tiny bit of your marketing journey. Yes, you need to make time to post on it and grow your audience but don’t expect to get clients from just having Facebook. Try different social media platforms, make sure you have your other marketing steps in place and working for you (your website, your blog, your mailing list) so that potential clients can connect with you in lots of different places and see that you are the therapist for them.

Facebook is a great place to start to build your business. It takes time and effort and energy and it is only one step in getting clients to your diary but when you get it right it will help them start to notice you and want to know more about you and your business.