When you start out in business, or as your business begins to grow and expand it’s tempting to spendĀ a fortune on stuff we ‘think’ we need in our business. Should you be investingĀ in stuff that you don’t really need or can things wait until you’re a bit more established. So, let’s take a look at what you should be investing in.

A website

You can spend a flipping fortune on a website. You can pay someone to build and manage it for you, you can pay to boost your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), you can pay for domain names and hosting. You can spend ages writing and planning it and you can even put off seeing clients until it’s ready for the big reveal. Or you could just get on with seeing clients.

Having a website is great, but it’s not essential to have before you start your business. Get yourself a free Facebook business page and start using that. You can build and plan your website alongside bringing in cash from seeing real life clients.

Your website will change and grow as you and your business does, so it’s SO, SO important that you have a website you can update yourself and if you’re not great at the techie stuff there are loads of online courses out there that teach you to build a website or if all else fails there are lots of talented designers out there that you can outsource to, but it shouldn’t cost you the earth or delay you getting started in your business.

A logo

Again, these are a great addition to any business, but you can’t hide behind them. You need to be seen in your business so while a logo is great, again it’s not something you should be pausing your business for. I’ve had about 4 logos since I started in business and it’s taken me time to work out who I am as a business owner and how I want people to see my business. Your business will evolve, so don’t spend a fortune on a logo that you might not want to use in 12 months. On the other hand though, your logo needs to look professional and not like one of the kids made it for you. If in doubt simply pop your website address on memes, pictures etc. so people know where they came from but without using a slightly dodgy homemade logo.


I thought branding was just a different name for a having a logo, but it’s so much more! It’s about a common theme running through your biz that makes it recognisable;using consistent fonts, images and a pallet of colours that are yours. Is it important in your business – yes. Do you need to spend a fortune on it at the start in order to get clients – no. Is it something you want to invest in when your business is on it’s feet – absolutely!!!


The dreaded photos! I put these off for years – I’ll be thinner, better hair, I’ll know how I want people to see me…..all lies! I just didn’t want to be visible. I used staged selfies for years and they were OK (but I had taken about 1000 shots to get the one shot I was happy to use). I honestly think you should invest in some photos as soon as you can. Get lots of natural shots of you that you can use on your website, your social media and on your website. Embrace being you and invest.

A team

A team? What does she mean by a team? I mean a team of people who can help you do the stuff you don’t like to do.

“But I can’t afford that”.

I always thought that as well and then one week I tried to set up my own website. I bought a course and literally spent about 40 hours trying to set it up. It looked pants, I couldn’t do any other work and I was stressed. So I outsourced it. Yes, it cost me money, yes it was scary to do but it freed up my time to do the stuff I am good at.

Now I outsource stuff to my lovely Virtual Assistant, my graphic designer and I have a cleaner. Now, that’s not me bragging but I know they can do things quicker, make things look so much better and free up my time to be working with you.

You can’t be good at everything and if you are spending hours doing stuff that you’re not naturally good at, is that a good use of your time? Creating a team around you will actually add to your success, rather than taking away your hard earned money.


Investing in you is a BIGGIE. I know, I know, you have invested in your training, CPD, insurance etc. but you are an on-going project. Therapy, marketing, life, it all evolves and we need to make sure we continue to evolve with it and you do this by committing to your learning and development.

Whether it’s a book, an audio, a YouTube video, a masterclass, a coach or an online course – you can find loads of way to continue to learn and grow. You just need to see that an investment in you is an investment into growing your business.

I really believe you can start a business on very little money. You really shouldn’t be spending out a fortune until you are bringing money in, but when your diary starts to fill up then you should be definitely looking at investing in all of these things.