Sometimes the things we are saying to clients when they get in touch or even through or social media or our website could be making them to NOT BOOK. So what could we be saying that is keeping our diary empty and what can we say instead?

I think all training schools tell us the same information so you have thousands of therapists all saying the same things and some of those things are things that are keeping clients away from our diaries. Let’s take a closer look and explore what we could be saying so they can say yes to booking into our diaries.

I offer bespoke sessions.

Yes, I agree that your sessions need to be tailored for the person in front of you but, actually and honestly, clients don’t care. I once told a client this and they replied that they didn’t care if it was bespoke, they cared that it would work and it would help them. Bespoke is a good way to provide your therapy, but as a client I just want to know that you can help me. Talking about bespoke makes clients nervous. Instead talk about how experienced you are at helping people with that thing, talk about how many people you’ve helped with, talk about how people have felt once they’ve worked with you. That will have much more of a positive impact on a client being able to say yes and book into your diary than telling them it’s bespoke.

You are one thought away from change

This one and similar sayings (you know the ones I mean – change is within you, be the change you want…) are lovely sayings but they are NOT helpful to clients at all. Think about how they are feeling – pretty pants. They have a thing that’s bothering them so much that they want to get professional help to change it. They have probably tried everything to get rid of it. Spending time and money on trying to help themselves and they probably feel like nothing will ever work and they will never feel any better. So, to be then told that you are only one thought away from change is SO FRUSTRATING. They feel like they are a million thoughts away from change and those kinds of motivational sayings won’t help them want to book into your diary.

What can you say instead? Talk to them about their thing (it’s why it’s so important to know who you’re talking to and what they are struggling with – you can find out more about that here), talk about how it might be affecting their life. Talk about how they might be feeling or thinking or behaving. Show them that you understand and then show them what life could be like without that thing. Remind them that they can feel like that, that they are not a lost cause. Then show them that the way to get from where they are now to how they want to be is you.

I will help you remove blocks, regress you, get you in touch with your inner child

Therapy speak is terrifying for clients. We have spent ages submerged in it, we are surrounded by other therapists who talk this way but for clients they have no clue what half of this stuff is so instead of telling them about the techniques you use or the methods that will help them talk about how they FEEL after they have worked with you. They are much more likely to buy a feeling than they are a therapy they’ve never heard of.

I am registered with these people and I have lots of accreditation and logos to show you

I look at a LOT of therapy websites and honestly, lots of them look exactly the same. They use the same images and the same CPD logos and as I client I would have no idea who to choose. Again, clients don’t know what these things mean so they are unlikely to use this information to choose a therapist. How do they choose you? Because they like you, they feel like they can trust you, they see that you are the expert and you can get rid of their problem. You don’t need to be the cheapest or have the most accreditation or have done the most CPD – they need to connect with you and decide that you are the person who they want to help them.

Your words and the conversations you have with clients are so important in helping you build a busy business. Whether through your website, your social media, your videos or even the phone calls you have with potential clients, make sure that you are using them to show clients that you can really help and what life will look like after you’ve helped them. That’s so much more effective than blinding them with things that they don’t really care about.