People who are on your mailing list are so much closer to booking in to your diary than people who come across you on social media.

It’s important that you have a mailing list and you spend time bringing new people, you’ve not worked with, to your list. You then have permission and direct access to their in-box where you can talk to them and show them that you’re the therapist for them.

So, why do so many therapists not have a mailing list?

They’re not sure how to set one up, how to get people’s email addresses, how to encourage people to sign up or what to say to them once they are there.

The secret to building your list is your freebie and this training I am going to show you why it’s so important but also how to do all the techie stuff and then how to email people once they are on your list.

I’m going to make it all really easy, so that you can get on with building your list and filling your diary.