The Missing Piece

You’ve done it!!!

You’ve spent a fortune. You’ve finished your training and you are now a fully qualified bonafide therapist. Now you just need some clients and you are good to go.

So where are they all?

Why is it so hard to find clients? Why do they tell you that you’re too expensive? Why are spending a fortune on marketing but not actually getting any inquiries? Why do they cancel at the last minute, not show up at all or decide to only come for one session and then you never see them again?

Are you doing something wrong? Do other ‘successful’ therapists know something that you don’t? Are you just not cut out for therapy biz life? Should you pop your therapy skills back in a box and rejoin the 9 to 5 rat race?

Not on my watch lovely therapist!!!!

I want to remind you that you have an amazing talent. You can transform lives. There are people out there right now that are looking for you to help them. You just need to learn to market your business so you can talk to those people and get them booked into your diary, paying your prices and never cancelling at the last minute again!

You just need the missing piece.

I want to give you that missing piece. That one thing they forgot to tell you at therapy school. The one thing that turns your talents into actual business that makes you money and makes you smile. That one thing that shows you how to successfully market your business (without spending a fortune or wasting loads of time!).

If I’m honest most therapy schools teach very little marketing. What they do teach is outdated and doesn’t work or they only teach us a tiny bit of the marketing mountain.

This is the missing piece.

I’ve created the missing piece programme to give you everything you need to fill this missing piece. Over 6 weeks I want to work with you to show you all the marketing magic you need to transform your business. No more feeling lost, confused, failing, struggling. Just being really clear about HOW to market your business, WHO you are marketing it to and HOW to bring those people into your diary.

Let’s take a closer look at exactly what we will cover:

Module 1: Creating your community

Why you can’t market to the world (and why you don’t really want to)

Working out who is in your pool of potential clients

Niching in the real world

Replenishing your pool with new clients

Module 2: Selling your therapy skills

How to talk to clients so they listen

How to stand out in a saturated market

How to turn your tool box into a marketing magic wand

Wicked websites

Module 3: How to set up your marketing journey

Super social media

Blogging for beginners

Mailing lists and why they matter

Videos for video-avoiders


Knowing your numbers (and why it matters)

How to plug your money leaks

Becoming the boss of your therapy biz

Ways to make your therapy biz life so much easier

I want to give you the missing piece that allows you to turn your amazing talents into a successful business.

Over the 6 weeks we will work closely together in a Facebook group to implement all of this stuff. It won’t be another course that sits in your in box and you don’t do anything with. This will be massively interactive. We will be learning this stuff together, trialing it, practicing it in a safe space and learning how to use it in your business. I pride myself in teaching in a really clear, simple to implement way and I will also make sure you understand all the techie stuff you need to make this stuff work.

We will chat as a group once a week and I will be in the FB group everyday supporting you, helping you and offering virtual hugs and butt kicking as needed. I will give you feedback on everything you are doing so you can make sure all of this stuff is working for your business and I will have my beady eye on your business for those 6 weeks.

Together we are going to transform your marketing and your business.


The doors to the programme are now CLOSED until 2019 but you can be the first to hear when they will reopen by popping your details in below.

What are people saying about the Missing Piece?

I put a boosted post out last night but different to my other stuff I’ve boosted before. It’s had 60 likes already generated 12 new likers on my page and I’ve booked in 5 new, YES 5 new clients. Since doing your missing piece course my thoughts and vision for my practice are much clearer. Exciting times ahead for sure.


Visits to my website are up 325% – you did that!!


I’ve made the suggestions you suggested and a new client booked in. This stuff really works!!


If I ever get to meet you I’m gonna kiss you. Since I have been doing your missing piece course I have turned my business around. I was happy before I’m now ecstatic. Thank you Sarah. Xx


I’m a total technophobe this is all making so much sense!


Over the last couple of weeks I’ve changed my ads and my messages on social media and the response has been phenomenal. I went full time in January and I set a target of 5 paying clients per week to be upped to 10 by June. Well that last 2 weeks I have had 17 clients per week and the bookings are still coming in!