Lovely therapist,

You might have been in business for a week, a month or a year. You know you have great therapy skills and you were confident on your training but now you are out in the real world everything about your therapy business feels harder than you imagined.

Clients. You know you need them. You know you can help them. So why can’t you find them? You can’t understand why they tell you that you’re too expensive or they get in touch and then you never hear from them again. No one ever told you that finding clients would be so tough.

You’ve done the stuff you thought you were meant to do; you have a website, you have business cards, a logo, leaflets, an advert. You’ve done networking and shared your Facebook page in groups and told everyone that your therapy can help with everything…..but still nothing is working.

Maybe you’ve Googled what to try next, maybe you’ve watched some Youtube videos, maybe you’ve written lists and business plans and all that other stuff you think you should be doing, but still nothing is working. You’re not finding enough clients, you’re not making enough money and maybe you’re getting to that stage or panic. What next? More therapy training, another qualification, more time, more money being spent or maybe it’s time to give up and get that proper job???


It wasn’t meant to be this hard!!! No, it flipping wasn’t! But do you know why it is???


Because we do our therapy training and yes, they teach us how to HELP clients and transform their lives but no one tells us how to market our business so we can find those clients. No one tells us it’s a full time job to sell yourself and your business. No one tells us that we have to learn how to stand out in a sea of therapists and how to write so people listen. No one tells us we are going to have to post 4 times a day on Facebook, learn about hashtags, record videos, design logos, become a writer, a proof reader, an web designer, a work-life balancer plus make the tea and coffee! No one tells us it takes time to build an audience, to get them to know us, like us and trust that we can help. No one tells us that we have to show people we can help and make their life better. No one tells us that we have to remind people what life could look like and that by working with us they can get there.


Why does no one tell us any of it??? No wonder that we struggle to find clients.

I put a boosted post out last night but different to my other stuff I’ve boosted before. It’s had 60 likes already generated 12 new likers on my page and I’ve booked in 5 new YES 5 new clients.

If I ever get to meet you I’m gonna kiss you 😄 since I have been doing your missing piece course. I have turned my business around. I was happy before I’m now ecstatic. Thank you Sarah

I think your magic is working Sarah. I was working on this today, giving my pool some serious thought, when the phone rang. It was a client who has booked in for Monday yay

But the good news is it doesn’t have to be that way. You can learn ALL OF IT. And it won’t take forever or cost the earth. I’ve been where you are right now and I now teach people just like us to market their business so clients can find them and want to work with them.


And the good news is it only takes ONE THING to make a massive difference to you and your business and that one thing is the MISSING PIECE programme. This programme was developed to help fill the gap between your therapy training and creating a thriving therapy business; to teach you the stuff you need to help you bring clients to your diary.

In this programme I will show you everything you need to know to market your business (without spending a fortune on stuff that doesn’t work) and start filling your diary with clients who will show up and love what you do. No more feeling lost, confused, failing, struggling. Just being really clear about HOW to market your business, WHO you are marketing it to and HOW to bring those people into your diary.


Sound good?


What does the course cover?

Module 1: Creating your community

Why you can’t market to the world (and why you don’t really want to)

Working out who is in your pool of potential clients

Niching in the real world

Replenishing your pool with new clients

Module 2: Selling your therapy skills

How to talk to clients so they listen

How to stand out in a saturated market

How to turn your tool box into a marketing magic wand

Wicked websites

What are you offering to clients and how to get them to buy

Module 3: How to set up your marketing journey

Super social media

Blogging for beginners

Mailing lists and why they matter

Videos for video-avoiders


Knowing your numbers (and why it matters)

How to plug your money leaks

Becoming the boss of your therapy biz

Ways to make your therapy biz life so much easier


I’ve never done anything like this before. What if I get lost or stuck?

Don’t worry. Everything is really easy to find and follow, but if you get stuck then just let me know and I will help you out.

How long do I have to do the programme?

You have access to all the videos/workbooks etc. FOREVER so you can work through them at your own speed.

How will I know if it will work?

I’ve taught this programme a number of times now and I’ve seen people have massive shifts in their business. Increased inquiries, more visits to their website, more client bookings, more confidence in themselves, more money. Once you learn to market your business in this busy market place you can create the business you dream of.  But, this isn’t a magic wand, you have to put in the work and make the changes.

How long does the course take?

It depends on how long you want it to take. You could binge watch it over a couple of days but I recommend you take your time to work through the modules and put your learning into practice.

Now, this isn’t a magic wand, this isn’t a blueprint, this isn’t a promise that you can make a million pounds in 30 seconds. This is a programme full of work, of learning, of implementing, of stepping out of comfort zone, of thinking differently, of doing. But, it’s not scary, it won’t take hours every day, it won’t make you cry, no one will shout if you fall behind or ask the same question 34 times or if you need a little extra help with something. This is  your chance to learn the stuff you need to know in order to fill your diary. This everything you need to help you create the business you dream of.

You can get access to this programme for just £75 (payment plans are available).

If you want to FINALLY know what you should be spending your time doing, if you wish you knew how to create content that clients love and comment on and like, if you’re sick of feeling like you’re talking to yourself, if you’re tired of spending hours marketing but getting know where, if you’re tired of clients getting in touch to find out more but then never hearing from them again, if you wonder why it’s not working or what you should be doing instead, if you’re doing stuff but the stuff isn’t working, if you want to learn from someone who gets it, who’s been there and who has been helping therapists for the last few years…then this programme is totally for you.

I want my Missing Piece


I'm in

The Missing Piece will give you:

Clarity about WHO you are marketing to and who you are trying to bring to your diary.

To know what they are struggling with and how you can make it better.

The tools to write a website that attracts clients rather than scaring them off.

The ability to create content (for social media, your website, your videos etc.) that clients love and connect to.

The confidence to do stuff you’ve been avoiding or didn’t think you could do.

An understanding of all the techie stuff.

Knowing what marketing steps are important, why and how to do them.

The support to make sure it’s all working perfectly.

More inquiries, more clients, more income.

The confidence to be the expert and show them you can help.

The mindset to build a business you love.

But I get it…

You’ve spent a fortune already, you’re not sure if you want to admit that you need a bit of help, you might not want other therapists to know you’re doing this, you might think that if you cross you fingers and hope for the best something will magically change. But this programme will help you change everything. You can be an active part of the Facebook group or you can do it from the privacy of your office/home and no one, but me, need know you’re doing it. And you know deep down that something needs to change otherwise all that investment is going to waste, so why not invest in this, grab an A-mazing bargain and get all the stuff you need to market your business successfully, stand out in a saturated market and fill your diary.

What have you got to lose?


This has made everything make so much sense and I can feel the difference it’s making already. Thank you Sarah

I’m loving the course so far and I’ve definitely learned a lot already


Visits to my website are up 325% – you did that!!


I’ve made the suggestions you suggested and a new client booked in. This stuff really works!!


I’m very comfortable here, and I’m finally able to ask these questions and get sensible answers without feeling silly or stupid or that I should already know! I’ve now got direction and help now, and that was my missing piece!


I’m a total technophobe this is all making so much sense!


Over the last couple of weeks I’ve changed my ads and my messages on social media and the response has been phenomenal. I went full time in January and I set a target of 5 paying clients per week to be upped to 10 by June. Well that last 2 weeks I have had 17 clients per week and the bookings are still coming in!


I want my Missing Piece


I'm in

Why listen to me?

Well hello there lovely therapist. I’m Sarah Baker, the therapy biz coach. Hypnotherapist, coach, mummy of 2, funny lady from the North East. I gave up my safe career in the civil service to become a hypnotherapist. I donned my rose tinted specs after I finished my training and truly believed if I told everyone I could help with everything then clients would be beating my door down. They didn’t. Fast forward 2 years and I was skint, stressed and wondering what the heck I was doing wrong. I invested my last bit of money in learning how to market my business and I’ve not looked back. I help therapists just like you find clients, fill their diary, create an income that makes them smile and find the perfect work-life balance.
In a saturated sea of therapists I help you find your voice, create a crystal clear message for clients to hear and show you how to get them to listen. I will help you shine like a lighthouse in that saturated market so clients can find you and know that you are the therapist for them. 
I understand how much you’ve invested already. I get how frustrating it is to not have the clients you expected in your diary. I get that you’ve stuff like websites and social media but nothing is working like you thought and it’s taking way more time and effort than you realised. I get it and I know how to make it better. You just have to decide that your therapy business is worth a bit more time and investment to get it where you want it to be.

I want my Missing Piece


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