As a therapist you want a diary full of clients who pay your prices, turn up for their appointments and then tell all their friends and family about you and your amazing, life transforming therapy skills. In reality you need to work long and hard to attract each and every client in your diary, half of them won’t turn up or will cancel at the last minute and the ones you see are so happy with your therapy talents they skip off happily down the road, but never mention it to anyone because they are so happy. So what if I told you there is ONE thing you need to do in order to transform your therapy biz, attract clients easily, fill your diary and create the business you dream of? Just one thing…

OK, I told a bit of a fib. It’s not one thing….it’s actually 3, but they are linked together and they will absolutely transform your business, so stay with me!

No matter how you are marketing your business right now, these 3 things will make everything easier. Once you get these right then all your marketing is talking to the right people. It’s all saying the right things to them and it’s making them realise that not only do you understand them but that you can make things better for them. This kind of marketing won’t feel like a constant slog, because you are just having a conversation with people who want to listen and then these people will want to book into your diary, no matter how long your waiting list is. So what are the 3 things you need to look at in order to improve your therapy biz?

1. WHO are you talking to?

The first thing you need to look at is WHO you are talking to. Now I don’t mean your ‘ideal client’ who you’ve named and spent ages working out where they shop, their hobbies and where they go on holiday. That way of looking at your WHO has never worked for therapists because we see a variety of clients and that variety is what we love. If we just saw Sharon, who is 38, married with 1 child and who likes to go on holiday in the UK, shops online and goes to book club every week, our business would become very stale.

So is your WHO and how do you work this out?

Firstly, grab a notebook….you’re going to want to make notes to come back to again and again.

Look at who you love to work, who do you have the most success with, who you attract at the moment, what issues starts the excitement and fire in your belly…..this is probably the core of your who. Your WHO will have a common theme running through them and it’s that common theme that you will focus on in your marketing.

Is it woman business owners, is it stressed mums, is it men who are successful at work but struggling with impostor syndrome, is it teenagers with exam stress. Who is your who?

2. WHAT are they struggling with

Now you’ve worked out who you are talking to, you need to work out what they are struggling with. You cannot market to everyone and tell them you can help with everything. It just doesn’t work and in this saturated market, your message will get lost and your diary will be empty.

So, for example, mine was always anxiety. No matter what people came to me with – gambling, weight problems, fears and phobias – when we unpicked their issue, anxiety was always there. So my WHO were men, woman, children, but they all struggled with anxiety. So I talked about anxiety and how it affect different people in different ways.

When I say you can talk to them about their what – it’s not enough to say

I’m a hypnotherapist and I help with anxiety.

Because again, your message will get lost. You need to take your notebook again and write words and phrases that these people will be saying to themselves. How does their what make them feel, how is it affecting their life, what is it stopping them doing, what would they like life to look like if they didn’t have it. Use these words and phrases in your marketing and your who will think you are talking directly to them, they will feel like you get them and they will want you to help them. That’s how you fill your diary.

3. HOW will you change things and make them feel?

Now, you’ve connected with your WHO, you’ve talked about their WHAT and they see that you totally get them, so now you need to show them HOW you can help them.

But beware, your HOW shouldn’t be a list of your awesome therapy skills or qualifications, it also shouldn’t be a long list of acronyms they might not know as that’s not going to make them want to book up. Nope, your how should be HOW are you going to make them feel better, what will life be like once they worked with you, how can you make things different? Share testimonials so people can see that you can really make a difference. Sell solutions not services. Clients are not booking you because you’ve done 20 training courses, they are booking because you are offering them a way of feeling or living that they have been searching for.

Then everything you do should talk to your who about their what and offer your how. Every FB post, every Instagram image, every blog, your freebie, your website….before you press the publish button ask yourself.

Is this talking to my who about their what and showcasing my how?

If it doesn’t, don’t publish it.

Your who will start to notice your posts, like what you do, read your blogs, sign up for your freebie and the whole time you are saying again and again ‘I can change things for you. I can make you feel better’. That’s when they book into your diary, wait on your waiting list and pay your prices.

Marketing your business this way is the one thing you need to transform your biz, fill your diary and make your therapy biz bank account smile.


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