The Online Income Generator


As therapists we sell our time for money. In order to make more money we either need to work more hours (and risk burn out and exhaustion) or we increase our prices, but we still have a glass ceiling on how much we can earn.

But what if there was another way?

What if there was a way to still help clients, but without having to work with them one to one in your therapy room? What if you could help people, not just in your area, but from all over the world? What if instead of helping one person in an hour, you can help 5 or 10 or 100?

Wouldn’t that be amazing? And you can!!! By creating online therapy products. Just think, anything you offer in your therapy room you can now offer to people to use from the comfort of their own home.

The Online Income Generator will show you it all – how to plan your online products, how to write and record them, how to make sure they will be as successful as your face to face work, how to make sure you have an audience who are waiting to buy them, how to sell them for maximum impact and how it can transform your income and take the pressure off finding those face to face clients.

Just think – you could even be making money while you sleep!!!

In this programme we will cover:


Module 1

  • Your client journey
  • Who, what and how
  • What is a passive income and why do I need one
  • Programme or product

Module 3

  • Pricing and how being online can transform your biz and your bank balance
  • Taking payments for your programme
  • Creating sales pages so people want to buy
  • Selling and housing your online programme through Mailchimp
  • Selling and housing your programme through Simplero
  • Selling and housing your programme through your website

Module 2

  • Your passive income
  • Planning your online weight loss programme – step by step
  • Planning your online anxiety product – step by step
  • All the techie how to guides to record audios, videos and create ebooks and workbooks

Module 4

  • Lets launch
  • Your launch plan
  • How to sell through classes/webinars
  • Your launch timetable
  • Early bird and doors closing
  • How to sell again and again

Plus a bonus section packed full of goodies, like how to do a FB ad, boost a post, set up your tracking pixel and an income and expenses tracker so you can keep an eye on that new income!