Wow, I’ve noticed my newsfeed full of sales posts recently – offering to share their secrets if you click here or sign up there. But have you noticed that there story is always massive…how they made 6 figures, how they went from being homeless to living on a yacht, how they created their successful business overnight using these 3 amazing steps. Now I’m not saying these things aren’t true (however, I bet they miss out all their mistakes, sleepless nights and stress!) but when you’re sitting there, staring at your empty diary and wondering how you will put food on the table this week, they probably don’t feel very achievable for your therapy biz. So I wanted to share my real life story of success.

As you might know, I struggled to build my therapy business. I was penniless, clientless and desperate. My family had taken me and my little people to Centreparcs and we had the best time. I had promised to take the kids to the Pancake House on the last morning. My treat. They were sooooo excited.

But, we got up on the last day and I checked my online banking and found I had about 86p in my bank account. Unexpected bills, bank account gremlins, bank robbers. Whatever the reason, I had no money to take them. I was gutted. I hated being so short of money. I hated that I had believed that little old me could run a business. I hated that I had left my soul destroying job because at least I had a steady income. I tried not to cry but I felt like a failure.

So, I pulled myself together and went to break the news to the kids. And I knew deep down that I couldn’t carry on like this…something had to chance. This wasn’t working.

And then something magical happened. Before we’d left to come away I had launched my first online weight loss programme. It was only £50. I wasn’t sure anyone would buy it. I’d popped it on my Facebook page and sent an email to my mailing list and not thought any more about it. And while I was walking down the stairs to tell the kids about my lack of funds, someone bought it. £50 pinged its way into my Paypal account. I sold my first online product!!!! In moments I had gone from penniless to being able to take the kids for a pancake. Now, I know it’s not 6 figures or a yacht but in that moment, I was the richest woman in the world. My business was finally bringing me a much needed income. I was a success! All because of one £50 sale!

Later that day I sold 3 more courses. Over the next week I sold 10. It was the most money I had brought into my business since I started out and I saw the amazing potential of selling online stuff. These people were people who lived all over the country, the bought at all times of the day and night, they emailed me testimonials about how much they loved it and how much weight they had lost. Now 90% of my income comes from online sales. Products that start from £9.99 and which sit on my website for people to buy whenever they’re ready all the way up to my £1200 programme which I launch a couple of times a year and with a 10 month payment plan.

So how can this help you?

Because I want you to know that you can do this as well. You too can create online products. You can sell to people all over the world. You can earn more money, without having to find more clients or working longer hours. You can even earn money while you are on holiday, playing with the kids or even asleep.

So I hope my story has inspired you. Yes, it was only pancakes and since then my online income has helped me and my little people tick some fabulous things off our vision boards, but it all started with pancakes <3.