Being self employed is hard work, so these biz boosts are here to help you make your therapy biz life easier.

Who knew getting a client booked into your diary, turning up and paying would be SO MUCH effort. Well, not with the dream diary programme.

Here I show you everything you need to make booking clients in, taking deposits and payments, reminders and gathering feedback easy. Plus I’ll give you some biz essentials that will help you attract more clients and build the business of your dreams.

Words are everything in your business. You might be posting on social media, have the website, have adverts, leaflets and be spending a fortune on marketing but unless you get your words right you will always struggle to find those clients.

I know what a fantastic therapist you are, but are you a great writer? Probably not something you’ve done much of or thought much about. But do you know that writing could be the difference between a full diary or an empty one?

Gone are the days when you can tell people you’re a therapist and you can help with a HUGE list of issues. These days, in a sea of therapists, you need to use your words.

You need to move away from selling your skills or your services and start selling how you will make them feel when they work with you. How different their life will be when they book into your diary and experience your life transforming skills.

Your success lies in your words. In your ability to unlock those creative juices and connect with those clients. To move away from the old ways of listing all the things you can help with and show them that you can make them feel differently.

But it might not be something that comes naturally. In fact the thought of writing might be utterly terrifying. I get it. I once felt exactly the same (and now I love writing and I’ve first hand the difference it can make). And it’s exactly why I created this programme.