Marketing is how you find clients and how you fill your diary, but it’s the thing that we’re never taught how to do it or how to make it work for our business.

I want to change all of that.

I want to show you how marketing works, how you can use it to connect with clients and create a busy business.

These pick and mix programmes will show you everything you need to know.

What is marketing, how do you market your business, where do you start, how do you know you’re not wasting your marketing budget or that you’re talking to the right people?

Lots of the marketing advice we are given on our therapy training is out of date or only part of the story. These marketing fundamentals will explain how it all fits together, how you use your marketing to attract clients and how you make sure your message is being heard by the right people (people who want to work with you and book into your diary).

Grab a cuppa and let’s get started.

I want to give you that missing piece. That one thing they forgot to tell you at therapy school. The one thing that turns your talents into actual business that makes you money and makes you smile. That one thing that shows you how to successfully market your business (without spending a fortune or wasting loads of time!).

If I’m honest most therapy schools teach very little marketing. What they do teach is outdated and doesn’t work or they only teach us a tiny bit of the marketing mountain.

I’ve created the missing piece programme to give you everything you need to fill this missing piece. I want to show you all the marketing magic you need to transform your business. No more feeling lost, confused, failing, struggling. Just being really clear about HOW to market your business, WHO you are marketing it to and HOW to bring those people into your diary.