Selling your therapy talents can be tricky. You tell people you can help. You list all the things you could possibly help with because really you can help with most stuff. You advertise everywhere. You’re probably spending a fortune but nothing is working. Why? Could it be because you are selling the ingredients and not the cake?

Think about the last time you bought a cake – it might have been a coffee shop or afternoon tea or maybe one for the kids to make. You chose the cake because you liked the look of it, the name or even the smell, but would you have chosen that cake if they only thing you knew about it was the ingredients? Probably not.

Now stay with me – I promise this will all make perfect sense!

We often sell our businesses by talking about our training – NLP, hypno, coaching, timeline, regression, reiki, EFT, EMDR, BUT this can leave clients confused. Yes, your training is amazing and will help you transform lives, but it means NOTHING to a client. They probably won’t have heard of the training or know what those acronyms even mean and they usually won’t ask for more information, they will just look elsewhere.

It’s time to look at your training as your ingredients, which you need to combine together to make the perfect recipe for the perfect cake. In other words, you take bits from each of the training you’ve done and combine them to work perfectly for that client and you transform their thing and make them feel better. The client doesn’t care about what ingredients are in there or whether they are created bespoke for them. All they want to know about is the ‘cake’ which is how your therapy skills will make them feel once they have invested in you.

If you are always selling your ingredients then clients could be put off, plus there are so many therapists out there saying the same things about their training that the message gets lost. Therapists are much more successful getting clients booked in when they talk about the cake – how a client will feel, how their life will be different without their thing, how you’ve helped other people with the same problems etc. etc.

Plus if you have a freebie that offers a sample of your therapy talents then you are giving clients a chance to try your cake before they commit to working with you.

So, when you think about marketing your business try focusing on selling your cake and not the ingredients you use, because that’s what will connect with clients and make them more likely to book into your diary.



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