I used to spend a fortune on marketing – the problem is, I didn’t have the clients to show for it. I was doing everything I thought I was ‘supposed’ to do, but it wasn’t working. The problem was I no idea what else I should try or what would work, so I continued to throw money at the problem, month after month. Even when I didn’t have the money to throw. Let’s take a look at how much I was spending/wasting and how I turned things around so that I was bringing in those client bookings without spending a fortune.

According to my accounts, in one month I spent £497 in marketing. That same month, I made £95 from seeing clients. Looking back I was terrified. I was spending a fortune and not seeing any clients (or not enough). I was given terrible business advice…..keep going, do what you’re doing and it will get better, just keep telling people that you can help with everything. So I did. For nearly 2 years I poured whatever money I had into marketing that ‘whatever your problem, hypnosis can help’.

It didn’t work. And eventually I had to admit that something had to change.

I spent hours working. I marketed the pants out of my business. I tried everything. Free sessions, group tasters, £15 sessions, buy one, get one free sessions, joint sessions, working evenings, weekends, over skype and even driving 50 miles to a larger city. I tried all of these and NONE of them brought me enough clients.

Why was I spending all this money (and I really didn’t have this money spare) and not seeing results.?

That’s when the penny dropped. I had NO clue about marketing, NO clue about running a business and NO clue about how to attract clients who actually wanted to pay for my therapy skills.


Excuse my French, but I had given up a well paid secure job to do this. I was sole provider for 2 little people and I had no money in my account and no idea how to turn things around.

What next??

I had to decide what to do next. Throwing money at things wasn’t working and I didn’t want to return to my 9-5 life.

  • I stopped ALL my marketing. It was time to take stock and have a rethink.
  • I had to work out where I could market for pennies or even better, for free. Social media is the best platform for you build your business, your expertise and your message to start attracting clients (but that is still only one part of your marketing strategy).
  • I learned that my skills were valuable and I shouldn’t be giving them away for free or even at a discounted price.
  • I stopped panicking. Clients can really sense it!
  • I invested £300 (£50 a month for 6 months) and I invested in a course that showed me how to market my business, create my marketing journey (who even knew I needed a freebie and a mailing list….not me!) and find my niche so I could become an expert rather than a jack of all trades.
  • I built an online weight loss programme (for free!) and started selling it.

I’ll be honest – it was the scariest few months of my life. I mean, what if I changed everything and nothing changed? What if I just wasn’t meant to have my own business? What if I failed? But I didn’t. Slowly, I began to get my new message out there. I started to talk to people about how they where feeling and how I could help them feel better once they had worked with me. I started offering payment plans and taking deposits. I posted more on social media, I blogged to build my expertise, I created a freebie and began to build my mailing list, I transformed my website so it didn’t bore people to death with all those words about all the things I could help with and started showing up in my business as me. I was scary, but it was liberating and it was worth it because those clients started booking in and my bank account began to smile again!

I could have carried on like I was. Hoping every month that some miracle would happen and I would have a sudden influx of clients, but deep down I knew that was never going to happen. I knew that something needed to change. That I had to learn more about marketing, attracting clients and turning my therapy skills into a profitable, successful business and that took me refocusing where I was spending my limited budget and putting it to much better use.

Are you ready to make that change in your business?