The summer holidays are here.

You might have got the whole summer sorted, but realistically you’re probably like most of us and wondering how the heck you are going to spend the next 6 or 8 weeks trying to juggle work with the kids being off.


Everything takes a bit more work and a bit more planning.

You want to be outside enjoying the sun (well, we can hope, right??), spending time with friends and family, going for days out, eating all the ice cream BUT you also have a business to run and you can’t just ignore it for 6 weeks, so you have a choice.

You can get up really early and work late into the night, trying to juggle it all.


You can let me help you.

My done for you spaces, where I write social media posts for you, sold out in 48 hours but, I still had people contacting me asking me to help create some posts for them, so I had an idea.

What if I created a something that you could buy and download at home that contained lots of social media posts, a monthly planner to help you know what to post when plus lots of videos that explain how to make the most of your social media?


Sound good?


Well that’s exactly what I’ve done!


I’ve created ‘Summer Social Media Sorted’


💥 Over 60 social media posts that are ready to use, adapt or that can inspire you to create your own. That’s means you have enough posts, all ready to go, to allow you to post a couple of times a day over the whole summer. Right there you have saved yourself hours worth of thinking and writing!

💥 10 meme templates for you to use to create your own images/memes and a video that shows you how to use them yourself.

💥 A month long social media planner to give you post ideas of what to post when over the summer.

💥 Lots of bite size videos that you can watch (or download and watch/listen) when you get a chance. They talk you through how to make the most of your social media and how to save time with your social media.

💥 A masterclass that shows you how to master Facebook ads.


I want you to be able to enjoy the summer, but still connect with potential new clients through your social media and with the Summer Social Media School Sorted you can do just that for just £49.99.

Plus you can choose to pay in one or 2 installments so it won’t eat into your summer spending money.

In fact you can have your ice cream and eat it 😉.

Just think of how much easier it will make your summer!

I want my summer social media sorted


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What have other people been saying about my summer social media posts?

They are fantastic Sarah, much better than I could have done!

Well, just had a call from someone saying they really connect with FB posts and booked in for a session. Thank you Sarah x

They are wonderful! Thanks so much. I’m going to schedule them all in now. That’s one thing off my to do list…. 

This is AMAZING! You’ve definitely found your calling lovely lady. The posts are short and snappy but have a massive message behind each one which I love and I know it will really resonate well with my crowd

Sarah is approachable, practical and is a fountain of knowledge and creativity.

I signed up with Sarah as social media had me feeling stuck. I very was quickly provided with some fantastic content to post around my  business along with ideas for future posts. Sarah is fantastic at what she does!!

I want my summer social media sorted


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Who am I?

Hi, I’m Sarah hypnotherapist, chief therapy biz coach and writer or words at the Word Emporium. I help therapists just like you build and grow their businesses by getting their message right, getting it in all the right places and making sure they stand out in a sea of therapists so they can attract clients and fill their diary.

I write social media posts for therapists every day and I know what words connect with potential new clients and how to make the most of social media to get clients to listen to what you have to say and want to know more. I want to help do the same for you and your business.

You want to attract clients, fill your diary and have the business you dream of. Your words are the way to do that.

I want my summer social media sorted


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