Thank you for your ongoing advice Sarah. I would be lost without your support, generosity of spirit and sharing your knowledge. I am constantly dipping into the evolution course as I need it, and knowing that you are always here to answer queries or put up a live or a video has massively supported me as I grow my business. I don’t know what I would have done without you. Truth <3


I’ve just hit my target for my first online course and I still have three days until we start! Thank you so much for your 1:1 coaching & support.


Thanks Sarah for your commitment to helping us therapists shine. I have found your programs brilliant. They are so easy to follow, all set out for you. I just have to get my finger out and put everything I have learned into action (which I have started to). I have spent money on all sorts of marketing programs and have to say yours is the best. You have given me confidence I can do it without breaking the bank, you have given me the tech know how where before the techie stuff has always been shrouded in mystery and had stopped me in my tracks from achieving what I want to achieve. So anyone thinking of signing up on one of Sarah’s programs just do it you will not be disappointed.


I did what we talked about and just from doing that I’ve had £200 worth of bookings today and another £75 booked into my diary so YAY!

I really am so glad that I found Sarah and The Missing Piece Program. I joined the program early 2018 I’d started my business in late 2017 and was doing ok but didn’t really know where I was going with it. Sarah’s no nonsense down to earth approach has saved me time and money I would of wasted doing the things that just don’t work. She taught me all the things you don’t learn when you’re training such as how to sell yourself rather than your qualifications, how to find your Who, What and How (she’ll explain that bit ) These are the things that will make your business excel, really connecting to your audience and showing them how You can help them. I followed Sarah’s advice and my business has gone from strength to strength, I constantly work on my marketing, it takes time to find and build your audience but I enjoy it and by the time my client’s actually sit in the chair in my office it’s like they already know me (That’s what they tell me) I continue to follow Sarah’s page and still go over the Missing Piece, there’s always tips to learn from Sarah and others in the group. So if you’re thinking of investing your time and money then I highly recommend Sarah, whether you’re a newbie or well established there is something here for everyone and you won’t have to battle EGO’s in this group so there’s a bonus too.


I love your inspiration, your passion for what you do, your ideas and creativity to succeed all wrapped up in a wow bespoke package for your clients.


Just thought I would drop in and give a little update on my progress since I started working with Sarah Baker. What can I say.. quite a lot actually… I probably like a lot of you reading this have spent a lot of money, on this and that trying to build up the business. More than just money though I have spent a lot of time on my business and frankly and I mustn’t swear, I sucked at it. Well in the last 3 weeks ish I have already started to see a shift. A shift not just in the number of clients but in me and in particular the excitement I now feel again. You see I realise that its not about the qualifications or the letters after my name its about connecting its about them knowing you can help. You have taught me a lot already Sarah so thank you from me but also from all the new clients that are getting my help. P.s I have only done module 1 wonder where I will be in 6 months


This programme is amazing Sarah. Every therapist should have it.


Sarah is an amazing business coach. I joined her VIP programme as I needed help to understand how to increase my business and what I was and wasn’t doing correctly . She taught me the marketing strategies and every week we set new goals. She uses her expertise to provide the tools you need to grow your business and make successful decisions. I highly recommend her.


I joined Sarah’s Mega Success programme In July and I have learnt so much already that is really helping me in my business. The content each month is amazing and even though I would describe myself as technically challenged I have been able to easily follow Sarah’s “how to” video’s. It’s also been so helpful to have Sarah look at different aspects of my business and give me feedback on what is working and what could be tweaked. Whats not to love!!


Sarah’s programme is just what I needed to move my business forwards. From the first time I came across Sarah I knew she was the person to help me…I found her friendliness, sense of humour and the fact that I could tell that she really knew her stuff got me really excited about working with her. I was already on a coaching programme which wasn’t really working for me (I felt anxious and overwhelmed) but I just knew Sarah’s would! The programme is structured and takes you step by step through everything you need to know to help you to build your dream business. For me, taking it step by step in a structured way has meant there’s no overwhelm just excitement and motivation to really get stuck in. Sarah is so helpful and knowledgeable I can’t recommend her enough to anyone who needs help to move their business forwards… it’s certainly a great journey for me so far!


Sarah has created another amazing programme – the Mega Success Programme. It takes you through every step you need to take to get your business online and to get clients flocking to your door. The programme contains videos, audios and documents for everything you’ll ever need to get your passive income flowing in. If there is a video you need, Sarah will create it. She is a wizard with technology and the different platforms that are currently trending and she guides a technophobe (like me) through it all effortless. She is simply wonderful. Do the course, you won’t regret it!


I have been working with Sarah for two months now and when I first started I was just staring my hypnotherapy business and didn’t have a clue about anything. But what Sarah and her training package has done for me is guided me through the whole process, right from the very basics. It is still very early days for me and my business but the fact that I have learnt so much already and will continue to get support for the coming months is worth every penny. I nolonger feel like that newly qualified therapist without any direction, I now have a plan and support to continue guiding me until I reach my destination. I would recommend anyone to join Sarah because you will not be disappointed. Lynne x


I have thoroughly enjoyed the programme so far. It has been very useful for ensuring my therapy business has laid a solid foundation to allow me to find clients to help. Sarah is always available in the Facebook group to give any feedback, ideas, comments, suggestions or help with anything you might be struggling with. The course is presented in a very easy to understand format.

This has so far been the best investment I’ve made in my therapy business aside from my therapy training!