Welcome to The Word Emporium,


Words are everything in your business. The way you sell what you have on offer, the way you connect with new clients, the way you showcase your expertise and talents and the way you stand out in a busy, crowded market place.

Your words are everywhere. Your social media, your videos and blogs, your website and when you sell your stuff.

No matter how much you want to try, you can’t avoid them.

But you didn’t set out in your business to be a writer. You might find yourselves spending hours staring at the screen, wondering what to write or you might struggle to find the time to write as much as you need to or you might know what you want to say but are struggling to get it down on paper. You want to be getting on with the stuff you love in your business, but you need the right words to make that happen.

Well, that’s where I can help. I set up The Word Emporium because I have a head full of words that need a new home and I found lots of businesses out there that were struggling to get the right words working in their business. Here at The Word Emporium I offer a done for you service to take the stress and hassle out of creating that content. I work with you to find the right words in your social media, your website and your sales stuff, so that your words are helping you create the successful business you deserve.

To find out more about what I offer then click on one of the links below and if you have any questions please just ask.



Done for you social media posts

Need a helping hand with writing your social media posts? Click here to find out more.

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Website words

Wondering how to write a winning website that attracts clients and showcases your business? Click here to find out more.

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Sales stuff

Wondering how to sell your stuff? Can’t find the words that get people to buy? Click here to find out how to change all that for good.

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Oh Sarah, these are fantastic!!! You make it look so easy  You’ve got a lovely relaxed feel about them that doesn’t make selling what I do sound icky. Thank you!!!

I signed up with Sarah as social media had me feeling stuck. I very was quickly provided with some fantastic content to post around my personal training business along with ideas for future posts. Sarah is fantastic at what she does!!

This is AMAZING! You’ve definitely found your calling lovely lady 😍 The posts are short and snappy but have a massive message behind each one which I love and I know it will really resonate well with my crowd