Therapy Biz Basics

Sometimes we need to start with the basics. That’s ok! We are therapists, we didn’t know we had to do all the other stuff as well. In these mini programmes I am going to show you everything to make your life easier. I’m going to help you unlock your inner marketing guru or your IT geek or that budding author waiting to get out!


Writing for therapists

I’m a therapist, not a writer. I can’t write, I don’t see why I need to write or how it will get me more clients.

Writing is a MASSIVE part of having a successful therapy business and in this programme I’m going to show you why you need to do, where and what you should be writing and how to make writing so much easier. Honestly, by the end you will LOVE to write and your clients will love to read it and connect with you.

Just £24.99

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Marketing 101

Marketing is a jigsaw that leads your potential client into your diary. If all your pieces aren’t in place then you could be losing clients without even realising. In this programme I will show you exactly what you should be doing and how to make sure it’s working for you. If you are struggling to fill your client diary then this programme is totally for you.

£99.00 (or 3 x £33)

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