Therapy Biz Coaching

Are you sick of being stuck?

You dream of having a successful therapy business. A diary full of clients. Even a waiting list of people eager to work with you.

But it’s just not happening.

You’ve tried stuff. You kind of know what you should be doing. But stuff happens. Life gets in the way. There aren’t enough hours in the day to do all the stuff you know you need to do to create that busy, successful business you dream of.

I get it. You came into this business to be a therapist. Not a marketing expert or a social media guru or to write blogs or design flipping memes.

You feel stuck.

You know, deep down, that something has to change or you’ll keep plodding along like you are now. Never quite creating that successful business. Stressing about each and every client. Wondering if you will make enough money this month for things to be ok.

Maybe it’s time to sort this sh*t out. Maybe it’s time to get some help. Maybe it’s time for us to work together.

Let me work with you one to one and I will show you everything you need to know to take your business to the next level.

Wherever you are right now, whatever you are stuck or struggling with, whatever you need me to show you – we can cover it all in my one to one support. Whether it’s a one off power hour to deal with a particular thing you are struggling with or my fabulous 3 month VIP support that will transform your business in the one you dream of.

We really can cover ANYTHING you need help with, whether that’s….

  • Help you get super clear on who your talking to and how to offer them what they need so they have to book up in your diary.
  • Get confident with social media and how to create content that connects.
  • How to write blogs that bring you more clients.
  • Create a money making path for your biz, so you’re not just jumping from client to client.
  • Build your online products and make sure they sell.
  • Nail all your techie headaches

The focus of one to one support is totally down to you (but don’t worry if you’re not sure what we need, we can work that out together).

Are you ready to shine?


Power Hour

In this one off 60 minute call we will move mountains!

Whatever you are stuck with, whatever is holding you back, whatever you are struggling to get done, we can crack it in this hour.

During the hour we will create your perfect plan and smash anything that has been standing in your way.

We will have a follow up 15 minute call 2 weeks later to keep you accountable and moving towards your goals.

I’ll be at the end of an email if you get stuck or lose your way.

This could be just the rocket fuel your business needs to hit the big time.

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Monthly coaching

You want help but you don’t know how much or what with, you just know you need a helping hand or a kick up the butt to get things moving.

Welcome to my monthly coaching.

We will chat twice a month for 30 minutes and I will help you over the hurdles, hold your hand through the hard stuff and celebrate your wins. The great thing is, there is no contract so you can use this coaching for as long or as little as you want.

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3 month intensive

Beware, this coaching programme can transform your biz!

You give me 3 months and we can transform your business, your mindset and your income. All those days of struggling to find clients, stressing about money and wondering what is going wrong will all be a thing of the past. Together we are going to create the successful business you dream of.

You tell me where you’re stuck and we will hatch a cunning plan to get you moving in the right redirection and will give you all the tools to get you where you want to be.

We will chat fortnightly, I will be at the end of an email for the 3 months, I will be on the phone if you get stuck. You will have my eyes and my expertise on your business. I will hold your hand, offer hugs and butt kicks where needed and accountability to make sure you are taking action.

No more stucki-stuckness, just success.

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Not sure which one is for you or if coaching can really help you and your therapy business. Get in touch below and let’s chat about what you need and how I can help.

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