Therapy has to be done with a client in your office right? But surely that limits how much you can earn in your therapy business; there are only so many hours in the day and only so many clients you can see plus what if something happens and you can’t see clients at all…what would happen to your business then? Maybe it’s time to think about taking your therapy biz online.

When I trained working with clients online meant seeing the odd person over Skype but even that was frowned upon. However,  there is so much more to it. You can create online programmes or products that a client buys and accesses remotely and then they can use your therapy talents from the comfort of their own home. There are massive benefits to working online. Let’s take a look at some and then we can look at how to get your therapy talents online.

You can work with anyone, anywhere in the world!

People in any country, people who would never book into your office, at any time of the day or night. There are NO limits to who you can help.

You can create an income even when you’re not working

Once your programme or product is created and on sale you don’t have much else to do, but because it’s selling in the background you can earn money even while you’re on holiday with the kids, at the gym or even asleep.

You can have a better work-life balance

You want to earn a good living in your business. Maybe you want to quit the 9-5 or even replace that corporate income and having an online income makes that easier. Imagine, you want to earn £30,000 a year. If you charge £50 a session that means you have to find and see about 11 or 12 clients a week, if you increase your prices to £75 you still need to see 7 or 8 clients. But, what if you created an online anxiety or weight loss or hypno-birth or mindfulness or nutrition or tapping programme that was £150 and you sold 10? You’ve already earned £1500 of your 30,000 so it takes the pressure off finding those face to face clients. What if you did that 4 times a year – you’ve earned £6000 of your £30,000. And you could have multiple products and sell way more than 10 each time.

You future proof your business

What if you broke your leg or one of the kids was sick and off school for a month or someone in the family needed you and you couldn’t work? How would you bring money into your business? We are our business, so if for some reason we can’t work then we can’t earn money. Having online programmes where you charge monthly payment plans means you are future proofing your business. For example, you sell 10 of your £150 programmes and you offer a 3 month payment plan. Then you know for the next 5 months you have already earned £500 so it means less pressure on you.

BUT, how do you start creating your own online therapy products and programmes?

Firstly, think about who you are helping and what they are struggling with. It’s important that you have created a pool of potential clients who love what you do and trust that you can help them.

Then, think about what you do in face to face sessions and work out how this can be created online. You want your online programme to be self explanatory so people can follow it easily. You could create audios, workbooks, guides, diaries, videos that show them exactly what they should be doing.

Then think about how you want to present it. Is it a masterclass or a 4 module programme. Do they need to do one module a week and practice in between or can they binge watch everything and get going. How would you work with a person in your office and then recreate this for online.

How much support do you want to offer as part of it? The idea is that this programme is a lot less time intensive than working one to one with you, so be mindful of that but offering a Facebook group where people can ask questions is a good idea and telling them how much of you they can expect in it is also a good idea.

How much do you want to charge? It should be less than working with one to one because it gives them less of you but they are still getting your life transforming therapy talents. Are you offering payment plans? How will you take payment? (Paypal is great). How will you deliver the course? You can pay out for programmes such as Simplero (which I use) but it comes at a monthly cost. When I first started online I had a Facebook group, saved everything to Dropbox and then shared the links to the group. Easy, quick and FREE!

Some things to keep in mind

If you don’t have a pool of potential clients to sell to then having online programmes isn’t going to be a miracle fix. You need to spend time marketing, building your know-like-and-trust with potential clients, sharing testimonials and connecting with them.

Don’t limit yourself. Often when I talk about online stuff therapists assume I mean £9.99 audios. Yes, they can help a little, but they are never going to have a massive impact on your business. If you create a programme your potential clients need and you sell them the benefits (just as you should be doing with your face to face therapy work) then they will want to buy. It is possible to bring large amounts of money into your business and take the pressure off finding those face to face clients and I’m not lying when I say that online therapy products saved my business. You can read my story here.

You have to sell them. Yes, you can leave them on your website but then clients never have a push to buy them. Try ‘launching’ them for short periods of time so people have a need to buy them while they are still available. Talk about them lots, share success stories, sell how they will transform lives. No one can buy them if they are hidden on your website, never seeing the light of day!

And if you need some extra help why not take a look at the online income generator.

I’d love to know if you have or are planning to have some online therapy products.

Come and join us for 5 days to get your therapy biz online

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