Well hello there lovely therapist, I’m SO excited to have you here.


I’m guessing you’re here because business isn’t where you want it to be. You’re good at what you do, you’ve done the training and the CPD, you have the badges of accreditation and you’re registered with all the places but you don’t have enough clients to make this therapy business work. You dream of having enough clients to make this your full time job but something isn’t going to plan. You’re doing stuff. Maybe you feel like you’re spending forever trying to market your business or maybe you don’t really know where to start.f. Maybe you’re feeling exhausted or a bit fed up that nothing’s going to plan, but you’re not sure where to start or what to try to change things. Why oh why is finding those clients so hard???

Maybe you have the website and you’ve spent money on business cards and leaflets and adverts. Maybe you have heard you need a freebie and to grow a ‘list’. Maybe you know you should be doing videos and getting people to engage on your social media, but it’s all feeling a bit overwhelming. You might not know where to start or how to actually do the techie stuff to make it work.

Maybe you know what you should be doing, maybe you’ve even doing some of it, maybe if you carry on you might get a couple more clients, but you know deep down that you can’t go on plodding along, not really knowing what to do or how to make it work. What you want, in fact, what you need are clients. A steady stream of them. Ones that get in touch ready to work with you, ones that turn up for their appointments and pay what you charge. You want that without spending a fortune to find them and without having to work longer and longer hours.

You want a full diary, you want to be able to make a living from your therapy skills, you want to be able to create a business that supports you and allows you to do what you love – helping people. Surely it’s possible, isn’t it?


The good news is – it is absolutely possible! And I want to teach you EVERYTHING you need to do in order to bring those clients to your diary and boost your bank account, doing what you love.


Without icky selling, without working stupidly long hours, without spending a fortune on ‘stuff’.


The thing is, you know you can help people. You’ve spent a fortune on your training and on getting your therapy business started BUT no one has ever talked you through HOW to get clients. No one has told you how to stand out in the saturated sea of therapists, no one has shown you how to talk to clients so they listen, how to lead them to your diary so they will pay your prices and turn up on the day and no one has shown you how to earn a good income doing your therapy thing without working every waking hour.


I want to show you all of it.


I want to help you.


I want to give you the ONE thing you need and I want you to know that this is the LAST THING you will need to invest in to turn your amazing therapy talents into a successful, client filled business you want to create. I want to give you the one thing that will help you learn all that other stuff they didn’t teach you in your therapy training, I want to give you the most up to date information, I want to show everything step by step so you can build it into your business and bring those clients to your diary.

Let me introduce you to The Ultimate Therapy Biz Programme; everything you need to help your therapy biz thrive.


In The Ultimate programme I have put everything you need to build your thriving therapy business, no matter where you’re starting from.


Sound good?

The Ultimate Therapy Biz Programme

Just imagine if you could….


Be able to create a pool of potential clients who are hanging off your every word. 

Bring those people to your diary.

Sell your services so people want to buy them.

Stand out in a saturated market so clients see you as the expert and want to work with you.

Put all your marketing steps in place so you are leading those clients to your diary.

Create an income you desire and not just have an expensive hobby or have to get that second job.

Build an online, passive income so you can work less while helping more people.

Simplify your business so it feels easier.

Be able to look back in a few months time and say ‘hell yes’ – I get all the marketing/business stuff and now my business is working and my diary is full.

Because you totally CAN have a busy business if you know how to talk to clients so that they listen and want to book into your diary. I can show you how to make that happen.

Yes, there are LOADS of therapists out there. Yes, it’s a crowded market. Yes, marketing is something you need to do everyday. Yes, you need to stand out and be seen. Yes, it takes time and effort.

BUT, you can TOTALLY do this and by investing in this programme you will have everything you need now, to build your business, and in the future to help your business grow to whatever you want it to be.

Now, I don’t know how long you’ve been in business but I’m guessing you’ve tried stuff, you’ve read stuff, you’ve listened to stuff and you’ve got stuff in place but that stuff isn’t really working. You’re not sure why, you’re not sure what you should be doing instead, maybe you’re not sure how it’s all meant to fit together or how you’re supposed to stand out and get clients when there are other therapists doing what you do for a lower price.

Well, don’t panic. We are going to do it together. We are going to walk through everything. I am going to have my eyes on your business for 12 weeks and I am going to help you and your amazing therapy skills shine out like a lighthouse on a dark night so that the only thing those clients see is you and how you can help them.

The Ultimate Therapy Biz Programme will help you do it all and more. 

What will you get out of it?

✔ A clear message that you are confident will connect with clients.

✔ An understanding of what you should be doing in your business and why.

✔ Marketing that works and brings you new clients.

✔ All the techie know-how of how to do the stuff, when you’re ready to get the stuff done.

✔ Confidence to be you and stand out from the saturated sea of therapists.

✔ A cunning plan for your business, your income and your work-life balance.

✔ Excitement about the increase in client inquiries and bookings.

✔ A love and excitement for your business that might not have been there for a while.

✔ The knowledge that you have a business and not an expensive hobby.

You have spent a fortune on your business and I want this to be the last thing you need to spend money on to create the therapy business you dreamed of when you started your training.

It’s time to stop your therapy biz being a rollercoaster and start bringing a constant flow of clients and income into your business.

Let me help you make it work. Don’t let those therapy talents go to waste because no one has ever shown you how to find those clients. 

You can join The Ultimate Therapy Biz Programme for £797. You can spread the payments over 1, 5 or 10 months and we start on the 25th March. The programme will help you find more clients, be confident in your pricing, stop no shows and last minute cancellations as well as help you save money so it really will pay for itself.

You have until the 30th March to join us but spaces are limited so I can make sure I have time to work with you all.

One investment, 12 weeks together and everything you need in one place to build and grow your business. You already have the therapy talents so let me show you how to bring those clients to your diary so you can work your therapy magic on them.

You get lifetime access to the programme so you can go back to it again and again, 2 one to ones with me during the programme, access to a Facebook group filled with other therapists going through the programme and 12 weeks support from me as I help you implement the programme and get it working perfectly in your business.


💥💥💥 Are you in?

The Ultimate Therapy Biz doors are OPEN

I’ve flung the doors back open and you can join us now and start transforming your therapy business and filling your diary today.

Be quick though, spaces are limited and you only have until the end of the month to join us.

I'm in

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t realise how hard this therapy business stuff would be.

I finished my training, quit my job and started my therapy business. For years I struggled and I thought it was my fault. Maybe I wasn’t cut out for this stuff, maybe I shouldn’t have quit my day job, maybe I should think of a Plan B. It wasn’t until I realised that I had NO CLUE about marketing and what was involved in bringing clients to my business that things changed.

❌ I realsied I couldn’t tell the world that I could help with everything and expect clients.

❌ I realised that I was spending a fortune on marketing that wasn’t working because someone told me I should be doing these things.

❌ I realised that my website was scaring clients away because it had TOO much information on there.

❌ I realised that didn’t know how to find clients, how to get them to book into my diary or how to get them to actually show up for their appointments.

❌ I realised that something had to change.

I invested in learning about how to market my business, I tweaked it to make it work for a therapy business and things changed. I filled my diary, I stopped getting no shows and last minute cancellations, I had clients get in touch ready to work with me and pay what I charged without quibbling and I created an online income which saved my business and meant I could earn money while I was off enjoying life.

I HATE that so many therapists start out with no real idea about how to attract clients to their business. Often we are given outdated advice that doesn’t work and in a market that is becoming more and more saturated, we are never taught how to stand out and shine from other therapists. My mission is to help therapists just like you create the business they dream of (whatever that looks like) so they can help transform people’s lives with their amazing therapy talents; because isn’t that why you started this. So, don’t think that things will pick up or if you keep trying surely things will improve on there own because, I tried that for 2 years and nearly ended up broke.

Let me help you build a busy, thriving business.

I’m at the beginning of my journey and I’m finding her help invaluable in learning to talk to prospective clients in a way that doesn’t feel ick and connects with how they’re feeling.

Just want to share you some numbers with you. Jan 18 I went full time. My figures his year Jan up 222% Feb up 111%. I hold you responsible!

Since Friday I have been Posting 4 times a day. It’s actually quite fun. Have gotten some likes and 3 enquires

What’s included?

  • 12 weeks together. This won’t be a course you leave in your in-box. This will be 12 weeks of coaching, accountability, support, ideas, inspiration, butt kicks, virtual hugs and high fives and my eyes on your business to make sure it’s all going in the right direction.
  • A Facebook group full of other therapists (but spaces on the programme are limited so I have time with you).
  • Weekly group calls and 2 x 30 minute one to ones with me.
  • A members area FULL of videos, workbooks, how to guides and loads of other stuff to help you with every step of you growing the business you love

The Ultimate Therapy Biz doors are NOW OPEN

Are you ready to start transforming your business and filling your diary with clients?

I'm in!

What will we actually cover?

Module 1 – Getting super clear on your message and how to use your words to attract clients. This is SO important in building a busy therapy business and is getting this right really does make magic things happen.

Module 2 – Making those words work. We will look at all the places your using your message (like your social media, your website etc.) and make sure they are all working to bring clients to your diary.

Module 3 – Selling your services. We are great at telling people we can help but not so good at selling our services. Here we will look at how to offer your therapy skills so people want to say yes.

Module 4 – Being seen. You can’t have a successful, busy therapy business unless you are standing out and clients can see you. Here we are going to help your business stand out in a saturated market.

Module 5 – Your marketing steps. Marketing so clients are ready to book into your diary is so much more than social media and your website. We are going to look at what marketing steps you need and how to create them so clients want to work with you.

Module 6 – Supercharging your income. There are only so many hours in the day and so many clients you can see so it limits the amount of money you can ear. Here we are going to look at creating an online income so you can boost your income even when you’re not working.


All the techie stuff – there are videos and how to guides on EVERYTHING you need to be doing.

FB ads – we will walk through which ones you want to be using and how to do them (without them costing you a fortune).

Simplifying your business – as you get busier you need to be thinking of ways to simplify your business and we will look of lots of ways to help you in your business.

All the admin stuff – you can have access to all my business admin stuff from client forms to email templates to terms and conditions so you can use them to inspire your own practice.


Why work with me?

In case you don’t know me, I’m Sarah – Hypnotherapist, Coach, Mummy, funny(ish) lady, insomniac, diet coke lover.

I struggled to build a therapy business that could support me and my little people, despite being a great therapist and being able to help people shed the problems they struggled with. I tried EVERYTHING to get clients booked in and NOTHING worked. Nothing, that is, until I actually learned to market my business and bring clients to my diary.

That’s when I became the Therapy Biz Coach. My aim is to help therapists learn how to sell their amazing talents so they stand out in a saturated market and fill their diaries with clients who need their help (without them spending a fortune, selling their soul or spending hours sat at their computer).

Over the last few years I have worked with hundreds of therapists one to one and through my programmes. I have helped therapists go from totally broke to fully booked, helped them learn to market their business so people see them everywhere and want to work with them, helped them have the confidence to become the expert, to charge what they’re worth and have to set up waiting lists because they were so busy. I have helped them with the mindset stuff, the techie stuff, the business stuff and the making life easier stuff.  I have helped them create and sell online therapy products so they can spend more time with their families and I have helped them build and grow the business they dreamed of. And I love every second of it.

I remember what it was like to be where you are. I remember what it was like to wonder what I was doing wrong and asking myself if I could really run my own business. I remember what it was like to wonder if I could pay the bills and how scary it was to invest in anything else because I’d spent a fortune already. I remember what it was like when those clients started to appear in my diary and I started to make money doing what I loved. And I want to help you have the business you dream of.

The Ultimate Therapy Biz doors are OPEN!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Get your spot now

What are other therapists saying?

Thanks Sarah for your commitment to helping us therapists shine. I have found your programs brilliant. They are so easy to follow, all set out for you. I just have to get my finger out and put everything I have learned into action (which I have started to). I have spent money on all sorts of marketing programs and have to say yours is the best. You have given me confidence I can do it without breaking the bank, you have given me the tech know how where before the techie stuff has always been shrouded in mystery and had stopped me in my tracks from achieving what I want to achieve. So anyone thinking of signing up on one of Sarah’s programs just do it you will not be disappointed.


Thank you for your ongoing advice Sarah. I would be lost without your support, generosity of spirit and sharing your knowledge. I am constantly dipping into the course as I need it, and knowing that you are always here to answer queries or put up a live or a video has massively supported me as I grow my business. I don’t know what I would have done without you. Truth x


Well – Sarah- a couple of “tweaks” and I’m already starting to see a change. You are an absolute STAR!  It took me ages to pluck up the courage to come out of hiding and show myself and who I am but last night’s post with my pic and bio gave me the highest views to date, lots of lovely comments and a testimonial to boot! I even got a DM from someone new who booked in with me for a therapy next week. And it’s only week one!!! I’m so chuffed. Bring on week two.


To anybody thinking about joining one of Sarah’s programmes, just do it! The sheer volume of content is astonishing, and the ongoing support through the Facebook group is fantastic.

As therapists, most of us have no idea of the extent of marketing required to get us out there and get clients; it was a real eye opener, and something of a shock for me! I had already done a couple of courses on growing your therapy business, but I still felt completely out of my depth. I am not tech savvy,and I had no idea how to progress. Sarah really has her finger on the marketing pulse, and has taught me how to do things that I had never even knew I needed, but are vital to growing my business. She is also amazingly responsive to questions, and seems to have her finger permanently poised over the reply button.


I really am so glad that I found Sarah and her Program. I joined the program early 2018 I’d started my business in late 2017 and was doing ok but didn’t really know where I was going with it. Sarah’s no nonsense down to earth approach has saved me time and money I would of wasted doing the things that just don’t work. She taught me all the things you don’t learn when you’re training such as how to sell yourself rather than your qualifications, how to find your Who, What and How (she’ll explain that bit ) These are the things that will make your business excel, really connecting to your audience and showing them how You can help them. I followed Sarah’s advice and my business has gone from strength to strength, I constantly work on my marketing, it takes time to find and build your audience but I enjoy it and by the time my client’s actually sit in the chair in my office it’s like they already know me (That’s what they tell me) I continue to follow Sarah’s page and still go over the program, there’s always tips to learn from Sarah and others in the group. So if you’re thinking of investing your time and money then I highly recommend Sarah, whether you’re a newbie or well established there is something here for everyone and you won’t have to battle EGO’s in this group so there’s a bonus too.


Over the last couple of weeks I’ve changed my ads and my messages on social media and the response has been phenomenal. I went full time in January and I set a target of 5 paying clients per week to be upped to 10 by June. Well that last 2 weeks I have had 17 clients per week and the bookings are still coming in!


The Ultimate Therapy Biz doors are OPEN!

Are you sick of wondering where all the clients are? Sick of spending ages trying to market your business and fill your diary? Sick of trying stuff and none of it seeming to work? Let’s work together for 12 weeks and let me show you what you need to be doing to create the business you dream of and then you can get on with helping all those people who are looking for your help right now.

Ready? Be quick though, spaces are limited and you only have until the end of the month to join us.

I'm in!
I'm not very technical, can I still do this?

Of course! Everything is really easy to use and the videos talk you through everything in simple step by step instructions and I’m here to help you as much as I can.

I'm really busy, how much time will this take?

As much time as you want it to. All the programme content is there for you to work through at your own pace and it’s all yours to keep forever so there is no time limit but remember that marketing and building your business takes time and effort so it’s important that you make time if you want that happen.

How will I know it will work?

I’ve been doing this for the last 2ish years and I’ve spent a lot of time working out what works for therapists just like you, however it’s not a magic wand and you need to put in the work and implement what you’re learning. You can see from the testimonials that this has worked for lots of therapists (and this is just a handful of the testimonials I have).

What if I can't make the live classes?

All the classes are recorded so you can watch them afterwards and still ask me any questions that crop up for you as you watch. I’ll also be offering classes at different days and times so hopefully you can make some of them.

The Ultimate Therapy Biz doors are OPEN!

Are you ready?

I'm in!