Hello lovely, talented therapist,

I’m Sarah, I’m single mum to 2 amazing people, a puppy and a very strange cat. I live in the North East of England. I trained in psychology and for 13 years I was a social researcher for the NHS and then the Government. I had a safe steady job, a safe steady life and then everything went belly up. My life fell apart, as did my marriage and I was left anxious, afraid, too afraid to leave the house and at a crossroads. Thank goodness I found hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy saved my life and helped me take back control. It stopped my panic attacks, allowed me to leave the house, it calmed my worries and my fears and it helped heal my heart.

And so I decided to retrain as a hypnotherapist and give up my safe, soul destroying job to run my own business. Of course I could make it work…I mean how hard could it be, right???


But what makes me qualified to tell you how to run your therapy biz?

Well, I was a fabulous therapist – I could end anxieties, soothe stress, break addictions and heal relationships….but I could not find enough clients. I struggled (and I mean, no food in the fridge or money in the bank kind of struggle) for 2 years. I spent money I didn’t have on marketing that didn’t work. I shouted my marketing message to anyone who would listen. I even opened a clinic 50 miles away from my house thinking a bigger city would bring me more clients….it didn’t!

What had I done??????? Maybe I couldn’t run a business. Maybe I was missing a trick? Maybe I wasn’t cut out to be self employed. Or maybe, just maybe, while I was a talented therapist, I’d never been shown or been taught how to actually run a business.


And that was my light bulb moment!

I just needed to learn to run a business. Which I did. I learnt the most up to date marketing methods and I adapted them so that they worked in a therapy setting. I then developed online therapy products which gave my income a MASSIVE boost and meant I could earn money when I wasn’t even working….I will go as far as to say that my passive online income saved my business.

But as I was learning all this I realised there wasn’t many places a therapist could go to learn this essential stuff and so many therapists were left struggling to make their businesses work. So, I became the Therapy Biz Coach. I am truly passionate about helping therapists find success. I teach from my heart. I break it down. I take the terror out of it all and I show you how you can apply it in your own business, so you can start to make a difference straight away.

There is a sea of therapists out there, yes indeedy but there is only one you and I want you to build the successful business of your dreams.


Sarah, the therapy biz coach

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