Are you worth what you charge? Absolutely and probably more! But why oh why do you struggle to find clients willing to pay your prices and not tell you you’re too expensive? Could the story you’re telling yourself be behind the clients you’re attracting.

Have you heard of the Law of Attraction. It was probably made famous by the book The Secret, but it’s been around forever and it’s the idea that everything is energy and the energy we focus on we attract more of. For example, you know when it’s the end of the month and funds are running low and you are worried about money and bills and then the washer breaks and the car fails it’s MOT; that’s the Law of Attraction.

But what does that have to do with your business and attracting clients?


It’s really easy to focus on what you don’t have; enough clients, enough money, enough time, money to do the business things you dream of, enough money to treat yourself to something nice or to do nice things.

BUT, according to the Law of Attraction focusing on what you don’t have will bring you more of what you don’t have. In this case, it brings you clients who tell you that they can’t afford you or you’re too expensive. These are NOT the clients you want to be attracting.

You can transform lives. You deserve to paid accordingly and I promise there are people out there right now who will pay your prices. I mean there are therapists out there that charge £100’s or even £1000’s to work with them and people pay those prices. Those therapists aren’t any more special or skilled that you so why do they attract clients that pay and you struggle?

The difference is in the story you tell ourselves.

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have you should focus on what you do have. Gratitude is amazing. Even when we are grateful for the little things it allows more things we can be grateful for to appear.

Telling yourself you can’t invest in that new website or in that training course to help you learn how to market your business or those shoes or that dinner out is you telling the Universe that you’re not worthy and then you attract those clients who don’t see the worth in your therapy skills. You need to start telling a different story; start saving for that website, choose that marketing course and spread the payments, trust that money will come into your business, that the right clients will find you, tell yourself that you’re worthy of that dinner or that new notebook or that afternoon trip to the cinema.

You deserve the best but in order to get the best you have to start telling yourself a better story. One where you are worthy.

When you start to put that energy out into the world you will see the difference in the people who get in touch and their reaction to your prices.

But, this isn’t a magic wand. Your thoughts and where you put your energy is very important, but so is the doing of the work. The marketing, your message, showing up consistently, having your marketing steps in place and having the confidence in your skills are just some of the doing you should be doing. All of these will help you create the thriving business you dream of but it all starts with your mindset.

So, what can you do today to transform your money story to start attracting those clients who see your worth and will pay your prices?

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